Has anyone applied for capco graduate scheme?
If yes, how long after you’ve applied have you heard back?
What is the recruitment process?



I applied and had my rejection within three days


tsang89 thank you for sharing and I am sorry to hear that…
I’m still waiting for them to get back … fingers crossed


took them around three weeks o come back to me and offer some AC dates.

good luck


wishkah thank you for your reply.
So you heard 3 weeks later with AC dates?
Straight after the application?



submitted the application/questions/CV, then 2-3 weeks later I received an email inviting me to an AC.

your question would suggest you’ve been waiting longer. my advice here would be not to worry as I’ve found a few of my applications have been fast-tracked as I have (in my opinion) strong experience. In a previous life i used to help interview grads and my rule would be: if you’ve not received a near immediate rejection you are in the “to be considered” pile which can only be a good thing.


Thank you so much!
I have been waiting for a week only, but I have applied late so I am not sure how many spaces they have left… Fingers crossed!