capco final round


just wondering if there’s anyone who’s been to…or is going to a capco final round interview?
any ideas on what to expect of the case study interview?


Hey Suruthi,

I met you on Saturday, finally joined to wikijobs to contribute lol.
I’m not too sure what to expect for the case study interview, have you confirmed what day your interview is? Because they said they would reply with details of the day… either we’ll be given a case study to prepare for, otherwise I’m assuming it would be like the group case study we had, but just for an individual to do.


Hey manraj,
Yeah I’ve said I’d like to go on Friday…how about u?
And yeah I suppose we’ll just have to see what they say tomorrow,
I was hoping someone who had gone to one of the may interviews could tell us what to expect.
Good luck with your interview.


Yeh I’ve said Friday too, no response yet though. Have they emailed you yet?
I got a feeling they’ll give us the case study when we get there, and give us a certain amount of time to read and prepare for questions.
Good luck to you too.


Can you give me details on the case study? my e-mail is


Hi guys

I have an assessment centre with CAPCO on 27th April, could you please give me details on how is the day and the exercises.