Capco Assessment Centre 2014 intake



After getting so much advice on this website, I thought I should give back as a goodwill gesture. Feel free to comment or add as you wish. This is for Capco summer internship role - Associate Consultant

I applied to Capco in Jan 2014, the application was pretty simple (why would you make an ideal consultant? what can Capco do for their clients etc). I then received an email to say I got through to their AC stage. For 2014 intake, they have roughly 5 places for this role, I can’t remember the exact number but it is more than 1!

There were about 20+ people and we got divided into 3 groups. The session started with a quick intro/ice breaker to get to know each candidate and consultants.

The first task was an in-house test which was written by Capco. We sat in a large meeting room and did it at the same time. We had 15 mins to go through the whole test (paper based) which included a few questions on logical reasoning (patterns), maths (percentages, algebra) and spot the error in reports (grammar errors, spelling mistakes). I didn’t run out of time but do keep your eye on it, if you have a watch, use it!

The next task was teamwork exercise. You would stay in your allocated group and go to a different room for this. There, you will be split into two sub groups to carry out the exercise. You have 5 mins to discuss the idea and 25 to do the task. Make sure you work together, communicate, support, generate ideas and evaluate each other’s ideas.

Next came the quick-fire interviews or speed dating in a large room where all candidates sat in one place and the consultants move around every 5 mins. There were about 8 consultants or more altogether and some questions are overlap. They each have a score sheet to make sure you make a good impression. Questions: why capco, why consulting, why your uni, why your course, what area of technology are you interested in, team work examples, what can Capco help their clients with, biggest disappointment, tell me about yourself, why are you here. Advice: smile, shake hands firmly, thanks them after your interview and say their name, don’t get up before them when the horn sounds (5 mins up), it can be very distracting in a room full of noise but try to focus on the question and the interviewer, if the horn sounded and you are half way talking do carry on and don’t get up before they do!

Lastly, we had a team presentation/case study where again our group were divided into 2 sub group. We read a few pages on Capco’s client issues and had 25 mins to brainstorm our recommendations to the interviewers. Nothing hard but make sure you work well and communicate to each other. Keep an eye on the time!

I haven’t heard back from them, if anyone have, do comment below


Did you hear from them, how id it go