Cant Decide on ACCA or ACA



I have studied Economics, Accounts and Law in A levels I can’t decide what to choose ACCA or ACA. I personally want to do ACA but I’ve heard that it"s very difficult. Can someone tell me how much time i have to study to get through. And is it too much difficult for me if i have done O levels in Business subjects and A levels also in Accounts, economics and law.
Thanks Your Reply will be appreciated


Hi Faiq,

Are you studying alone or with a firm? Your main consideration here should be that for the ACA qualification you require an qualified body (i.e. an accounting firm) to sign off your work experience hours. These go alongside the exams and mean you are able to qualify! Without it you cannot. So if you are deciding on a specific role/ firm, this decision may be made for you!

The ACA is popular among the Big4, whereas the ACCA spreads a little wider - other accounting firms, consulting, FMCG sectors, healthcare etc.

In addition, yes the ACA is rumoured to be more difficult… however, this could be to do with the fact that you are usually working at the same time and there are strict time constraints in terms of studying etc. Truthfully, the pass rates for the ACA are higher than the ACCA.

Have a think about whether you want to join and train with a Big4 or not, and what your future career prospects are.

Good luck and I hope this helps!