Can you lend me some ideas?


So, I’m applying to an audit position in Big 4 company. But I really have some trouble with question like that => What interesting you about the position? It will be not so bad but I’m currently working as an auditor assistant in small company ??? Please, write down any advices how to answer to this question!!!

All posts would be appriciated !!!


You are currently working as an auditor and you aren’t sure what will interest you about working for a [[big 4]] firm? …this isn’t really a question we can answer. You should really have a good idea of why you want to work for the firms you are applying to!


People skills, the interaction of the clients! (The main reason why i picked it!) The role itself whereby each client has different approaches and business styles… The huge amount creditability and integrity involved in the role.

Was the top of my head… Hope it helps! Tbh you should ask ppl at your current work to share with you why their chose auditing and what they enjoy about the role.


Miss K you wrote very useful post !! Thanks, thanks, thanks

Redsuperted, Thanks for your critical point!