Can you help me with this?


Hello everyone

I am a non EU citizen. I have passed JP Morgan’s Investment Banking Graduate programme test as well as telephone interview. This position is based in London.
The issue was in the application I mentioned that I had the requisite visa which was a lie since I dont have one. Although I can come there for an assessment center as I have a visit visa for the UK but what if they hire me? What will I do when it comes to getting the visa? I am not sure if it’s so easy for companies to sponsor non EU nationals since they need to advertise for the posts etc. Any suggestions would be helpful? Please people I am stressed?
Thanks a lot.


Where are you currently? You should have read their FAQs on non-EU applicants. You might not have had to lie.


I live in Europe but getting a british work visa is difficult I guess. Any ideas??


not really. most IBs sponsor their graduates already studying here who require work visas. i’m not sure about other candidates. you can ring up HR and say you made a mistake on your application form. they’re going to find out anyway


Hi geekydiva

What do you mean by here? Do you mean the UK or Europe since I live in Europe and have a valid residence permit for Germany.
Should I tell them once they get back to me for the assessment or before since if I tell them before they might reject my application. What do you think?