can you fail the KPMG e tray exercise, but pass the group exercise, partner interview, and presentation - and still get the job?


just want to no whether anyone has received any feedback regarding this outcome??


I was just wondering this also actaully…


I never been there. But my frd told me that he failed the E-tray then was not even given the partner interview. He was informed not being invited to the next stage immediately. Coz KPMG put the E-tray in the morning, for the first thing to do during that day, at least that date of his AC.

Not sure if it will be the case for everyone though.


but the HRs say they will evaluate the AC as a whole
they won’t evaluate my etray and group work until i have my partner interview (another day)


I had a KPMG a/c in january this year and I dont think you can fail a task and get a job - they test you on 8 competencies thoughout the day and each exercise covers a couple of them - you have to score good or above for each competency to get the job. i failed on the group task so didnt get an offer!


yeh, i would rather them evaluate the first half of my assessment so I know i’m still in the running for a job before I prepare for the presentation and partner interview


me too…


I “failed” etray on problem solving but passed everything else…but got an offer after a good partner interview. Interestingly I think he did know I had not passed problem solving as he asked me how I would cope with detail work.

I also pass task management which was the other comptencey on e-tray which may have been another factor in my favour.

I definitely think they look at the AC as a whole.

Actually I’m very worried about this as I wonder if I will have a hard time passing the exams if I failed problem solving…I’ve been practicing higher maths since I accpeted the offer!

Anyone else get an offer with a failed competency?