Can I get a Job at Investment Bank with 3rd or 2.2?


Is there any chance of getting a graduate job at an investment bank if when I graduated it was with a 2.2 or 3rd? …what would my chances be if I graduate with a 2.2 or 3rd class, but had already had work experience at an Investment bank and really impressed the firm?


If you graduate with a 2.2 or 3rd you had better have a seriously good reason why and excellent Alevel grades and other proof of academic capability or you will not be able to get a job in investment banking.

If you do manage/did manage to get experience at an investment bank during uni I imagine you would have good academics up to the point you applied to get the [[internships|internship]] in the first place - but if you really impressed a firm during your [[internships|internship]] then there is a chance of getting a job offer even if you didn’t get a 2.1 or first - but it is rather unlikely, and you would need to have seriously impressed the firm!


It will be tricky- you will have to push hard - you might need to try and get some more work experience. What work experience have you got at the minute? Furthermore, you can try through a recruitment agency, who may be able to place you. What’s your degree, and from where?

Sadly the chance of you getting onto a graduate scheme is very slim indeed.


I am in the same boat as you, my 2nd year i did so bad i could not recover in my final year, is it worth applying for an internship as i graduated and say im applying for a masters, or go for a grad scheme?


I’d say your chances are slim regarding getting on either a grad scheme or an [[internships|internship]]. I’d investigate smaller banks and how to go about applying to them - back office roles and even think about accountancy.


Well, it depends what you mean by getting a job. I guess BO would not be impossible, but I have a hard time seeing that you would get a FO job judging by how many capable grads are out there…


I’d say considering the massive issues with investment banks right now, no one without seriously good (incredible) academics/experience, etc is going to get an [[Analyst]] job for the next 18 months, minimally.


You would do well to bolster your position with something like an [[MBA (Master of Business Administration)]], [[ACA]] or [[CIMA]]. A masters might also help. To be honest though, they’ll be hiring the brightest people into [[front office]], and the majority of graduates applying will have at least a 2.1.

Despite this, it would be possible to get in if you were willing to start at the bottom and work up & across.


So are my chances zero now that banks are not even accepting graduates?


my story is similar to u. iam a science graduate with first class (starting from 10th std i got 1st in all). but got 2nd class in MBA. is it possible to enter investment banking field as analyst or is there any other ways. please help me


ok if at all my ways are closed in investment banks, have i any other better opportunities?


I would suggest you leave the fate of your application(s) in the hands of the people at HR. Speculation - as we’ve all seen in the past week - does nothing but worsen a situation. Invest your energies in submitting some quality applications. If your application is unsuccessful, the feedback you will receive will prove to be invaluable for any future applications you make.

Essentially: apply, you have nothing to lose.

Best of luck.


Your main route will be through networking. If you manage to get a fixed term contract/intership for, say, 3 month and impress, then why not?! Having said that a potential employer would rightfully be interested to know why your academics are poor.
Good luck mate!