Can I Get a Job at Big4 at my Age (35+)?


Hi guys. If I am 35 years old is there any chance to get a graduate job within big4? I thought it’s for young people only (21+) but recently I read somewhere that it is not. Can you please advice?


From FAQs page:
“I graduated a few years ago. Can I still apply for a graduate position?
Yes. We are very happy to accept applications from candidates who have already graduated.”
I think they definitely have some lenience in allowing people to apply to grad schemes, Don’t know your circumstances and background but if you have any industry experience would recommend going for experienced hire if you can? They do hire from different backgrounds


Which country are you applying in? I know that, in theory, it shouldn’t matter in the UK (although privately, it might) …but not sure about other locations.


Thank you guys for replies. Experienced job is hard to get. Graduate is easier. Well, may be not that easy but at least everyone has a chance.
I am in the UK and would love to apply, but my age is my main concern. .


Hi there,

The graduate schemes are aimed at students that have recently come out of university but they are by no means restricted by age. I wouldn’t be concerned by your age at all when applying. I believe the main talking point will be around your experience, and if you will be comfortable performing graduate level tasks. i.e. are you too experienced in relation to audit/ accounting? Not sure of your background but I am confident they will press you on this point. In theory, however there shouldn’t be a problem.