Can I apply twice within a year?


I applied to corporate finance in E & Y, but got rejected from application form stage. I believe that it’s because they don;t have enough vacancies there as I got interviews from other big4s.

Can I apply to them again with a different email address? to a different stream this time? e.g. audit? would they find out?
has any1 done this before?

please help


Not worth the risk, surely?


Why bother? im sure they rejected you for a reason, no offence. you’re not in a market to beg for a job, take your skills elsewhere! imagine the discomfort when they realise you were rejected before! its like asking a girl out again when she said no before! why bother?


re fcuk19,

my point is it might be that the business line i applied last one was too competitive or there were no vacancies at all. i’d like to try audit this time. but i dont really want to wait for another 12 months. i just want to know the possibilities here.

i’ve other big4 interviews lined up, so i dont really think there was anything wrong with my application form.


Hmm I think the first two replies are a wee bit harsh here - I’m sure most of the Big 4 allow you to re-apply within 6 months, suppose you could try and show evidence of how you’ve grown since last time you applied too.


You are normally only allowed to submit one application for the Big Four per year. I was rejected from Deloitte last year for consulting. Tried to apply for audit this year and my application was rejected. I tried to ask them if they could make an exception (as I’m going abroad in January) but they said they couldn’t

Its not worth the risk, honestly


re joyrevision,
thanks. do u mean reapply in 6 months time?

re futuremillianaire,

can i know how long you had waited to submit the application for audit? did they reject you on the fact that you applied before or the time limit? you mentioned it on the application form?



Hi there,
I think your name will be caught up on the screen if you use the same name though a different email…
but I think it worth a try. Anyway you’ve to wait another 6 months, no hurt if you were rejected again.


Don’t see how they would ever find out, graduate recruitment is hardly the best orgnised system ever. They would never pick up on it.