Can help with PWC assessment center


If any one wants advice on PwC’s assessment center please mail me. I will try and help you



can anyone provide further details on the written report?


The report is on water conservation initiatives, you can’t prepare for the subject matter as it is all provided on the day. Make sure you skim read everything and pick out the main points. Have a clear structure, pick the right content and use business appropriate language. I never managed to finish in time, I only wrote 1 line of conclusion but my structure, content and language in the rest of the report was spot on so I passed. Hope this helps.
p.s. Your hand is killing by the end from writing so fast for a prolonged time! Expect crap!!


yes i kind of assume they’ll make u write loads in a short space of time! sorry can i ask u about ur group exercise? what was ur topic and how was the group discussion? have u got a job offer from pwc? thanks for your help so far!


Apparently a good structure, written communication and relevant information are the main areas they look for. Most people don’t finish but with good structure they can see where you were going.


what is the task/question for the report? do u just have to filter out the relevant points and write a report, is that what u mean by relevant information lol? thanks


i have my assessment day on thursday, any advice would be extremely helpful! thanks


try here: