Can anyone provide a Capgemini Application to Offer account?



I have a telephone interview with Capgemini soon for the Management Consulting stream.

This website has been invaluable to my preperation for other interviews, but i can’t seem to find enough information on the Capgemini Interviews.

If you could help me people it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi jusme2010

Congrats on getting to the telephone interview! I am one step behind you so cannot offer any advice I am afraid.There are a few forums that i have seen for Capgemini. Best of luck in your preparation.

I have my verbal test to do for Capgemini. Do you have any advice? How does it compare to the SHL practice one and the practice on on this site (if you did them!). Is it a true / false / cannot say type test?

Thank you!


Hi cook,

My advise to you is to do the SHL practice verbal reasoning tests! They are very similar to them. The options are true, false, cannot say.

If you go through the practice test you will have no problem getting through to the telephone inteview.

Good Luck


Found information on the telephone interview. Thought i’d share it here.

Telephone Interview Questions (Tel interview meant to last between 30-40 mins, mine went for 38mins)

  • Give me a 2-3 minute overview about yourself
  • Why did you choose Capgemini/Consultancy
  • He said something like are you aware of the travelling involved in consultancy and do you think you can deal with it. Went on to ask whether i had any family commitments, wife/girlfriend etc that meant I couldn’t stay away from for too long.
  • Tell me what you know about Capgemini and their competitors
  • What do you think makes Capgemini different from their competitors

Competency Questions

  • Example when you were in a team and you faced a difficult task
  • Time when you persuaded a team about something, how did you persuade them, what was the outcome
  • Time when you adapted to change, what did you learn, what was the outcome
  • (Something like) Time when you changed something (system, procedure etc), and got others to implement the same system. How did you go about telling them.

Final Questions were

  • Have you applied elsewhere
  • Do you have interviews/AC’s elsewhere
  • Are there any dates that you can’t make over the next three months]

additional questions from others that have done the interview:

  • What makes a good team for you?
  • A time when you communicated to different audiences? How did you do that
  • Who are our clients?
  • What kind of services do Capgemini provide?
  • For which industries does Capgemini work?
  • What do you think you be doing in your role?
  • What the future holds for IT and Capgemini

I’ve got mine in a couple hours… have you had yours yet?

The question list I’ve prepared for goes is as follows, its basically every question that I’ve found online so is fairly similar to the post above, but hope it is of some help…

  1. Why IT consulting?
  2. Do you know about the travel requirements for consultants?
  3. What do you know about Capgemini?
  4. Describe the division structure of the company
  5. Who are Capgemini’s competitors and what do they do?
  6. Why is Capgemini different from its competitors?
  7. What are the current trends in the IT market?
  8. How do you keep up to date with the IT world?
  9. What is the future for Capgemini and IT organisations?
  10. Have you read anything about Capgemini in the news?

If I remember any of the questions after I’ve had this interview I’ll post em up


Well that was the worst interview ever… had an awful line, crackling like nothing else so asked to rescheduele tomorrow. Guessing thats game, set, match on that one. Argh.


OK so I have most definitely failed that, but for anyone else applying here are some other questions I was asked:

  1. What methodologies are used in Software Development?
  2. What skills and knowledge do you possess that would aid you in working in the IT services industry?
  3. What role would you like to take in a project?

@redmist, I am assuming you applied for the technology stream? And try and stay posiive untill you know for sure! Hope you get good news


Redmist don’t be too disheartened, those a really specific questions to have been asked, I suspect that they were not expecting you to have prepared for them! May I ask which stream you have applied for? Thanks and good luck! I am waiting to hear if I passed my verbal test, been a few days now :confused:


@cook did they they get back to you within the 2-3day timeframe they said would after you first submitted your application?


Hi no they did not I think it was about 6-7 working days :slight_smile:


Thanks Cook


It was for the Business IT consulting stream. Good luck!


Jusme2010 and redmist have you heard back?


Hi I was wondering if anyone is awaiting a final round assessment date for the management consulting programme?


Cook - I was unsuccessful.


Sorry to hear that Redmist


Hi guys.
Just had a telephone interview for the CDC, with a very friendly employee.

I did a great deal of prep and research, using Wikijob among other sources to search for interview questions and CapGemini info.

I would suggest to everyone that they prepare template, bullet pointed answers for their model questions and lay them on a table when the phone call arrives. I had 10 sheets of paper and several notes open on my laptop as model answers.

As for the questions, I can only have been asked around 8, after spending the time to prepare about 30 answers!
Anyway, I had a general conversation to begin with, very informal, chit chatty about various things. When we got down to the interview, they stated that ‘we will now go through the interview process’ and that if successful I will continue to an assessment centre. Please bear in mind that the entire phone call lasted around 40 minutes, and at times we would chat further about particular scenarios or even share a giggle!

Here is roughly everything I was asked:

  1. Are there any dates you cannot commit to (Undefined time period)
  2. Are you aware of the travel involved? What are your thoughts on this?
  3. What do you know about Capgemini? (HUGE ANSWER!)
  4. Example of a time where you have adapted to change.
  5. Example of a time you have had to persuade a team of people.
  6. Example of a time you changed something, a process or situation.
  7. Example of when you have worked well as part of a team, why was it successful?
  8. Example of when you have worked as a team, what measures were taken to
    keep things on track and achieve targets?
  9. Interview process complete, are you in any other recruitment processes?
  10. When are your preferred start dates?
  11. Any questions for me?

As you can see, heavily based around teamwork. I wasn’t asked anything about competition, although I did prepare for that among several other topics. I was surprised that apart from About Capgemini, all of my questions were competency based and not company knowledge which I had researched extensively.

My advice would be: Use the website, use company profiles online to learn about the company, make model answers to scenario questions, know your CV and use different examples for each question. (I had a ‘backup’ list for any unexpected questions, which basically listed my different achievements since school so I could draw on them spontaneously if required…eg/sports team captain, committee positions held, positions of leadership on uni courses, travel experiences, work experiences etc etc)

In general, I was very happy- I almost wanted to answer more questions!

Apparently the March 2011 intake is pretty much done and dusted, as in it is probably too late to get through an assessment centre AND get an offer, therefore it was suggested that (If successful) I would probably be starting in September. No problem for me, I’m happy to sit on any offer and jet set off for the summer!

Hope this helps everyone, good luck, and if anyone receives an assessment centre date (And I hope I do!) Would be good to discuss beforehand!


wicked :slight_smile:


Any idea how long they take to get back to you once you have completed the verbal test? Further, is there a verbal test only, or can we expect more? Cheers