Can anyone help me with Reckitt Benckiser?Did anyone had an interview with them?PLS I need help

Reckitt Benckiser

I have a telephone interview with Reckitt Benckiser and I would like to ask for help…Does anyone know what can I expect?


I received email that I will have a telephone interview with Reckitt Benckiser in a couple of days.

Have u already had the phone interview? How about the result? Hope it is the good news.

I will appreciate if u colud provide me some hints …thanks a lot

P.S. which division u applied?

Mine is marketing and sale.


Dear Yush,
Well they didn’t ask competency based questions but questions such as why do you want to work in RB, what do you think the role involves, why do you think you are appropriate for the role (remember to stress both your suitability for marketing and sales-you know that manufacturers are facing increasing pressure from retailers’own lebels and as such for FMCG companies trade marketing and sales are nowadays more important than consumer marketing) why did you chose to apply for graduate and not entry level position… I hope the above will help you!



I have received an email from Reckitt Benckiser requesting me to contact their Recruitment team. Is this the standard procedure before telephone interview. Also can any one please explain what we can expect during the phone interview and assessment centre?



Out of interest what is the interview process - application - telephone interview - AC? Anything else?


Hi all, I have a telephonic interview with RB, they say its competency based. Can simebody advice me in detail plzzz…


I work for RB and I’m currently on the Graduate scheme. If you want info then visit and also follow DiscoverRB on twitter and facebook. You will be able to ask specific questions about working for RB and the grad scheme through any of these three sites. Hope this helps!



I applied for the Marketing & Sales graduate programme to RB and I have been shortlisted, having cleared the online numerical test.
I have been invited to do a 5 minute sales pitch, followed by a face to face interview with RB at its London office. Can anyone who has attended previously, enlighten me with the kind of things they are looking for and expect??

Thanks & regards,


Can anyone provide a post on the RB AC plz?


John 10, have you had the AC with RB?? What did it involve? Any advice would be really appreciated!!


any help with presentation and the interview of 5 minutes would be appreciated??


presentation brief is given to you and competency interview is pretty straight forward, had mine ages ago so can’t remember it all

had A/C in Jan where informal interview, group presentation and group exercise - whole experience up to here was pretty good and was told would receive valuable feedback if successful or not

was successful and told I had an interview with senior managers to see if cultural fit was right and suitable for scheme - was unsuccessful here

absolutely rubbish feedback and told by two different people, two different things - both pieces of feedback were contradicting and did not make sense but they offered me another sales rep position which i did not accept. I didn’t apply to be a sales rep, I applied for this scheme where I could work in both sales and marketing and have the opportunity to work abroad

good luck to everyone else but in my opinion they are trying to put as many people through to the final interview so they can persuade them to work for RB but in a much less appealing position that most of us wouldn’t have applied for


Hey guys,

I was invited for an interview by RB roughly a month ago. I signed up for a slot on the 14th of February (Tuesday).

I have just realized that we are supposed to put a presentation together for the interview but I never received an email telling me the topic or confirming my interview date (and it doesn’t even appear on my application page).

I am really stressed now, I know that I should have thought about it before but I had lots on my plate.

Can any of you offer any help with regards to the presentation?



Hi Guys,
Can you please share your experiences in RB assessment center, what were the different stages and what do they look for., I have applied for leadership role.



Hey guys,

I have been invited to RB Assessment Centre for Sales and Marketing.

Can anyone tell me what it involves and some tips???

Has anyone done it… I Love the look of RB so any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks,



Dremz…How long ago did you send your application to RB? I just sent mine yesterday for the same graduate scheme. Thanks


Hi iv got an assessment centre for Reckitt Benckiser for Supply Chain, does anyone what it all involves e.g. competency & technical interview?


I have got assessment centre in a week for Supply Chain. Somebody please help me out !!


Hi, how did your assement day go? I have one coming up and would like to know what sort of things to expect~?



I have an AC next week and I was told that I would have to speak on a topic of contemporary interest that would be given to me when I arrive there. Could you help me with this??
What are the topics like?