Can anyone help me for EY interview?


Hi everybody, I’m new here. I am glad to find this forum and I think everyone here is kind to give me advices.

I aspire to work for Ernst and Young. When I apply for them, I thought that tax and audit would have different tests but there were many part (including tax and audit in their fresh graduate test). After that, I passed the test and was very happy to attend the interview. The problem here I don’t know I will be interviewed by tax or audit manager. When I called for the human resources manager, she said that I would be interviewed with two managers – tax and audit =_=. I think of the worst situation that they will ask me why I applied for both and rank me as indecisive employees. Actually, my dream is working for Ernst and Young and I applied both to improve my probabilities to join Ernst and Young. Can anyone please give me advices to answer this interview question?