We are seeking ambitious, forward-thinking young people with a knack for networking to join the Get in2 China Group.

During our North American tour this fall, Get in2 China will be introducing our new Campus Ambassador program. Campus Ambassadors earn cash and other perks by hooking their friends and classmates up with internships in China. You will act as a liaison, advocate, and brand representative for Get in2 China at your University.

Like most of the internships we offer, your success as a Campus Ambassador will depend largely on YOU.

Those who are accepted into our CA program will be rewarded with $200 cash or $300 Get in2 China Credit* for each successful referral. We offer full-time salaried employment to Campus Ambassadors that continually exhibit an outstanding level of initiative and consistently meet or surpass our business development goals. Our goal is to find driven representatives from across the globe to help set up and lead satellite offices.

To get started on your application for enrollment in our Campus Ambassador program, please send your resume/CV and cover letter to

Successful candidates will be notified within 10 days of submitting an application.

Who Are Campus Ambassadors?

Undergraduates and graduates from all academic disciplines and class years are welcome to apply to be Campus Ambassadors.
Preference will be given to students who have already completed an internship program with Get in2 China or are about to participate in one.
We are also looking for entrepreneurial-minded applicants able to demonstrate a high level of initiative.

Selections will be based on:

• On- and off-campus activities.
• Sales and marketing experience.
• Academic achievement.
• Application responses.
• Involvement in extra-curricular activities that will facilitate communication with our target demographic.
• Knowledge of campus communication channels / media tools that will assist the promotion of Get in2 China.

Program Benefits

• Gain practical experience, to both apply and supplement what you learn in school.
• Expand your professional network by working side-by-side with faculty; Get in2 China staff, and others.
• Hone real-world skills like problem solving, public speaking, and communication.
• Commission. Earn cash or Get in2 China credit with each successful referral.
• Potential full-time salaried position as General Manager of a Get in2 China satellite office.

Campus Ambassador Responsibilities

• Generate awareness of Get in2 China on your local campus.
• Organize events and take part in recruitment fairs.
• Be available to answer questions about Get in2 China and represent the company.
• Maintain consistent communication with Campus Ambassador Team Leader.

Path To Success

You can simply begin by earning referral rewards. When you are ready to become more involved, you can apply to become a Campus Ambassador. After you have shown your potential and proven your skills to meet our targets, we will help you set up a Get in2 China satellite office and offer you full-time employment!

Earning Referral Rewards

  1. Recommend Get in2 China to friends/classmates
  2. Send us the Applicant Referral Form with applicant details
  3. Referred applicant confirms participation in our program
  4. We reward you with cash or Get in2 China credit

Download our Get in2 China Applicant Referral Form:
and start earning cash!

Becoming A Campus Ambassador

  1. Submit Resume/CV and personal statement to
  2. Complete Skype interview with Get in2 China staff
  3. Review then return signed Campus Ambassador Agreement
  4. Begin earning cash by making referrals and representing Get in2 China at your University.

*Get in2 China Credit can be used exclusively for reducing the program fee related to participating in one of Get in2 China’s Internship Placement Programs. This is a great option for those who would like the experience of an internship in China, but are a bit strapped for cash.

Find out more about out more about China Internship Program here: