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Has anyone heard of or applied to the accountancy firm Campbell Dallas? I have an assessment centre with them and I have to give a presentation on a topic given on the day. I haven’t done one of these before and I don’t have an accoutancy background. I’m extremely worried about what they want me to talk about :frowning: Can someone help? Thanks.


Have you seen the article [[presentation]]s - ?

Also see the articles [[assessment centre]] and [[common interview questions]].

When’s your interview?


Hey Tasha!

Out of curiousity what office did you apply for and when did you hear from them?

I received an email saying they had a number of students going through the recruitment process, therefore depending on their outcome i would be contacted later… so that’s good you have been selected for the AC!


thanks for the links! yea i checked those out but i’m just really worried about the topic they are going to set on the day. I don’t have a background in accountancy so I’m not really confident about the whole AC.

My AC is next week…soo nervous! Interview and group exercise I will just take as they come, can’t really prepare much for them :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Aqua!

I applied to the office in Bearsden (Scotland) around early October and have been invited to an AC at their main Paisley office. I got invited to their AC about 2 weeks ago but I couldn’t make it and the girl said that they hoped to fill all vacancies during that AC so she would get back to me if spaces were still available. Surprisingly, I got another invite to an AC for next week so I take it they weren’t impressed with all candidates at the first AC.

So don’t worry I’m sure they will get back to you very soon! I am getting the impression that Campbell Dallas are just as thorough regarding the recruitment process even though it is only a medium sized firm.

Good luck and let me know how you get on :smiley:


Ok! I’ll let you know if I hear anything…although it’s going to be quite competitive anyway due to the few vacancies available.

Good luck and hope it all goes well :slight_smile:


I am due to attend an assessment day for Campbell Dallas tomorrow. Can anybody give me any more information about the day?

I am a bit apprehensive about the presentation, how long do you have to talk for and what sort of thing are you required to talk about?


I live in Bearsden! Have done all my life. I hate it actually. Im in my final year at Glasgow Uni right now and I want to be an accountant but I wasnt going to apply this year and Im not going to apply to campbell dallas next year, mainly coz I want to move to Edinburgh, but also coz Im not really interested in their clients (their website says they do a lot with vets and doctors). A manufacturing business that made parts for Dyson and Hoover has just gone bust in Milngavie though so they might have clients in sectors outside their specialism. Also Bearsden has a lot of small businesses and so does milngavie.

To be honest I dont know why anyone would choose to live and work in bearsden unless they already live there. Do you already live in Glasgow (or Bearsden for that matter)?


I have an assesment centre with Campbell Dallas and was wondering if anyone could provide any information on the assesment centre. I was wondering if anyone had to do the presentation and was the presentation to all the other applicants?
I would be very grateful if someone could respond.


Hi Tasha,

Was wondering if you could provide any information on the assesment centre with Campbell Dallas? Was the presentation to all other applicants at the AC? I would be very grateful if you could respond.



I had the assessment centre last year, there was 6 candidates in total and 4 managers/partners, so it was split into 2 groups with 3 candidates and 2 assessors with regrads to the presentation part


Hi ahmedh

Thank you for your reply. The information was really helpful.




Hi, I just stumbled across this and although it was a couple of years ago now,I wondered if anybody was successful in their assessment centre and what it was like? I’m going to do the online test and will hopefully be invited to an AC the following week so would like to know what to expect.