Calor Gas Operations telephone interview


Hi Guys,

Wiki jobs has helped me a lot in finding a job. So I want to give something back, so I’m here talking about my experiences.

I applied to Calor Gas in January 2013 for their Operations Graduate programme.

The application is pretty easy, just a CV and 200 words saying why you are applying. This was followed by online verbal and numerical tests. I think they were SHL tests. I remember thinking that i did awful in it, but turned out that I passed to the next stage. So maybe the test score requirements are not high.

The phone interview was a bit stressful. Felt like the interviewer was trying to put pressure on me. She quized me a lot about Calor Gas. Her question was literally “What do you know about Calor Gas?” so I just ended up listing the things I knew. She went on to ask which are the main markets that Calor serve. I named them all except for agriculture she tried to see if I knew it, by saying “any other ones?” but i just honestly replied “I dont know sorry”.
Then she asked why I was applying for operations. Then she asked why i dont have any work experience in operations, sort of implying that I dont understand what im applying for. I think the main thing to do is to defend your position. And bring up the transferable skills that you might have.

At the end of the interview I asked her some questions about the company and I think what she particularly liked was my eagerness to find out more about the relationships between the graduates and the drivers/workers who have worked there for ages. She indicated that i will need to earn their respect to which i replied “I did not expect to just walk into the job”. I think she appreciated that.

I was invited to a 2 day assessment centre however it clashed with another one on the same day. So I had to respectfully decline.


Hi Bonbon17…can you tell me if there is any process before you get invited to do a telephone interview like an online test. And if there is an online test then what type is it( i.e. numerical verbal) also is it shl type or not, as its not mentioned clearly on the website.


hi would you be able to tell me if there is any online testing like other graduate programs, and if there is then what difficulty is it? and is it verbal numerical? thanks


yeah, there were 2 online tests. SHL Verbal and Numerical. I really dont think that the standard is very high, as i did mine after having driven for 4 hours through snow. I was tired and guessed some of the answers. But still passed. I was really surprised. So dont worry i guess


sorry your message never came through…


thanks buddy. Can you also advise me if the test is similar to the shl practice tests on the website. Can you also recommend any website or books to improve on shl testing as the shl website has the very basic version…and I went to one where it was much more tougher