calling for ppl applying for KPMG Birmingham


I’m applying for Audit Birmingham.
I will have my AC next week in London; partner interview date not scheduled yet.
just calling for anyone who is applying for Birmingham.
reply this post and I will send you guys emails so that we can set up a contact group
possibly an MSN group as well.


AC in London but for Birmingham office ? Strange


i have AC in B’ham for position in Nottingham!


When will your AC be held at Birmingham ?


mm 19th i think, only the group thing and etray is being held there


I have a first interview next week for Audit in Birmingham…


so seems Birmingham still has a lot of positions open~i mean in Audit


No birmingham has more candidates than other cities … to hold group discussions and E-tray exercise etc they need more candidates. what i can understand they are sending people to perform other exercises in birmingham and then do the partner interviw in their respective cities where number of applicants are very less.


so do you know approx. how many positions are still open?


Caroline the KPMG contact person said they hold ACs in Birmingham throughout the year sometime once a month and most of the time twice a month. However this year is different so just believe it may go ahead with 3 or 4 more ACs and then it will be closed as well.


i have my AC in birmingham on 19th as well


I am worried to see that Birmingham city is also removed from the list of available cities at KPMG website now.


god!!! what does that mean?!!




What I understand this means Birmingham is closed for new applicants but those who are in pipeline will go through the process. However you can contact KPMG Birmingham contact person Caroline at 020 7694 4242. If anyone gets latest info please share !


If you are in pipeline then no worries I have received confirmation from KPMG

"Hi Uzair

It does not affect the people already in the pipeline



The next person to call Caroline - invite her into the WikiJob thread!


yes, the places r filling so quickly this year. I also get my AC for birmingham office on 26th. but not yet known when my partner interview will be.


There are 12 people coming to attend AC on 26th including me (If i get my passport with visa back from British High commission on time).
Is there anyone else around attending AC in Birmingham on 26th?


oh, so Uzair r u going to have partner interview on the same date or not?