Cable and Wireless Worldwide Finance scheme 2012 Assessment Centre



Has anyone been invited to their Assessment Centre on the 21st August in Bracknell for their Finance programme?
I’m SO excited!!!



hey i am fililng out the form for the commerical grad scheme, any tips on filling it out? cos like it says max 4000 for the strengths and i dnt know if it should long or short! help!!


ummm… strengths? I don’t remember that for Finance and I don’t remember being restricted either :confused: I was really happy to bang everything out on their website…


thanks will do the same…did u have a phone interview? and now on to ac?


yea, I had a phone interview before the HR lady went on holiday, I think she closed the finance programme early too. I remember seeing that it opened on the 3rd July and the deadline was suppose to be the 3rd August, 1st come 1st serve basis but I think the ad was removed from their website on the 20th July… I looked at the commerical programme too, but that was posted after finance and I’d already applied, but personally finance would outweigh commercial… do you live/ within driving distance of bracknell? I think I’d definitely have to move there…


i live 10 mins away from bracknell! i had started my app for the finance but didnt finish, there were so many questions, different lay out to other grad schemes,.but then i just did this commerical, literally just a cv fot this one…


WOW!! That’s SO close! I live around 2 and a half hours by train :frowning:

ahhh yes, I know what you mean, I had answers/ pre-prepared stuff from SO MANY previous apps so I just copy and pasted and cut/ changed things, so I think I remember it being quite quick.

I was looking at commercial but then they don’t offer any professional qualification which is what I was after in a grad position.

They suprised me in how quick their turnaround time is.


thers loads of offices in bracknell altho its so run down! yea i regret not applying for the finance one…my degree is in financial economics as well but i am pretty happy with account management…i just need an interview!!


Bracknell is really run down? is it a safe area to live in? my AC’s next month and I’ve never been to Bracknell, I don’t drive either so I have to move there…


i live in sandhurstt and i always drive past it to go to reading…i find it that around bracknell ther are some nice places like ascot but bracknell itself its not the best…a lot of businesses there tho


o dear… I definitely should’ve researched the town better…


Hey don’t get worried. It’s just one person’s opinion, I think I just look at it like that cause I never even bother to go in Bracknell. I just drive past it to go to Reading like everyday. If it was really rough, then obviously large business hq such as John Lewis and Fujitsu and many more wouldn’t be there. Sorry if I did scare you off.


ummm for the cheap office space?

Don’t worry, I’m quite relaxed and easy going about non-uni/career things… I’m sure I’ll have a good look around when I’m there for the AC.




anyone going to the AC tomorrow??