Cable and Wireless Assessment


Hi, I assume that some people had attended the assessment centre by now, I will attend the Cable&Wireless Worldwide Assessment Day on Wednesday 25th April I would like you to give me an insight and advice of what will happen on the assessment day and what to expect from the following topics:

*Group Discussion Exercise (what topic do they wanted you to discuss)

*Group Practical Exercise(what dos this exercise involve)

*Brief Presentation (they will give me a random topic and time to prepare a presentation on the day, can you tell me the range of the topics they will have for ?)

*Competency Based Interview (What kind of question do they ask at this point?)

Thanks in advance


Hi IbraimoDjalo123,

The group discussion exercise for me is to work as a group to discuss multiple business proposals and to choose which one gains the most profit but is also ethical

The group exercise was to work out what was wrong with a router

Presentation is about a recent business problem that you have to discuss and research. why the problems occur and what you think you can do to solve it

Competency questions like describe a time when you demonstrated initiative and so on

One thing the assessors really mark you down on is if you try to talk over other people to get your points across in a group exercise, if you allow other people to talk then it shows you have interpersonal skills. Remember, let other people talk and listen.



may Allah reward you with good brother


Did they had any numeracy test or reasoning test?


I have a phone interview with them next week, does anyone know the type of questions they’ll ask?
thank you in advance!!xx