C.I.M.A Qualification



I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good firm to apply to, to do my CIMA qualification? I have stumbled across a few, but not many.
Any ideas or advice would be great.



Are you sure you want to [[CIMA]] and not [[ACA]] or [[ACCA]]? Generally speaking, you would do [[CIMA]] at a normal company (not an accounting company), having been put forward for the courses while working in their finance department. [[ACA]] and [[ACCA]] tend to be the qualifications you sit if you’re actually working for an [[accountancy & professional services]] firm.



This is slightly different topic but I was wondering if you do the ACA at one of the big 4, how easy is it to then move into management accounting? I’m in advisory, which I think is slightly more related to management accounting anyway but was thinking for my future career I might be more interested in the management side of things