Business restructuring/ Corporate Insolvency Grad

Grant Thornton


Ive been applying, post exams, to a few roles in the corporate insolvency/business restructuring area. Ive sadly been rejected by KPMG and Tenon before first interview and rejected by Deloitte at first interview. Im not starting to doubt whether I will be able to find a job in this area. Does anyone have any particular experience or knowledge of this area? The impression I get from some people is that you should apply to audit and ‘specialize’ at a later point.

In terms of grades (2:1), university (Durham) and extra curricular (possibly weaker) I think Im fine on so Im not sure what is failing me. I have gained considerable knowledge of case studies, problems in this industry sector and alike through research so i don’t think that it is that that is letting me down.

I have no professional work experience besides some basic data checking work at Oxfam Finance Office (as a volunteer). I have seen advertised some Graduate Internships at PWC for 6months and this may possibly give me experience albeit in tax or audit. Is it worthwhile me applying to some graduate roles in Grant Thornton and similar for corporate insolvency or am I wasting my time without any real work experience? Is there anyway I can get real work experience in corporate insolvency?

Many thanks.



Lots of people do start in audit - thats because the most vacancies are in audit

I think internships are for 2nd year students only

Do you know of any local smaller insolvency firms maybe they would let you work their for a while?

3 places is a small amount of applications tbh - even though we would all like to work for a top firm you need to apply to more places

It is very hard to get a graduate job in the current climate don’t let it get you down definately apply to GT

Also you might have to consider applying for audit/tax/some other profession if things don’t work out unfortunately :frowning:


The PWC is a graduate internship/placement only available for graduates. As far as i can see its the only one Ive seen.

Well Ill apply to GT and see if any other firms have any sort of work experience.

Many thanks.


Have you had a look at a firm called Zolfo Cooper?