Business Decision Analysis Psychometric Test?


Hi all!

I was recently invited to an assessment centre where I will have to sit a “Business Decision Analysis Psychometric Test”. Any ideas of what it is and how I can prepare for it?
Please help! I really like this company!


IT sounds like a variation on the [[situational judgement test]] theme. Which company is it with?


It’s GSK.


I’d say it probably would be. Keep us posted on your progress - very interested to find out how you do!



So how did it go with the Business Decision Analysis test? Could you please post it on the forum?



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Well, it was veeeeery difficult!!
Actually , I thought that this was the reason that I did not get the job. But it wasn’t! (I did not reach the benchmark for “continuous improvement”)The recruiter who called me to give me feedback told me that I had one of the best results in the test among the other 8 candidates.

The test had to do with scenarios. I do not remeber the questions but they were something like these:
E.g. 1) they gave us the scenario of a product sale, its characteristics and the target audience. The sale types were 4:

Then they gave us a new product and asked us to classify the product to the sale type. Consequently, to forecast the result.

E.g. 2) they gave us 4 teams of shapes. We had to identify the rule in the teams. They asked us to classify given shapes according to these teams.

Imagine this as an IQ test. It was really hard and I thouht it was a disaster for me. But I did well…

It was the best AC ever. I thought that all of us were really competitive. There was also a guy that had been an intern to GSK last year. I asked the recruiter how many they hired from our AC and she said “Only one!!”. I do not know if it was the intern guy,though.

If you need anything about the AC, let me know…





Foteini - any info you have for the GSK assessment centre would be appreciated. We (WikiJob) would love to build up the wiki interview profile for GlaxoSmithKylne! Please help!

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sure I will write down everything that I remember…
Just give me some time to organise my thoughts.
I will have it ready up to the end of this week! promise!


foteini -

I would really appriciate if u can telll me wot u did in the assesment center @ GSK as i have got 1 coming up soon…



Hi - i am going on gsk assessment. Can you please advice and what questions asked . Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hi there,

I am sorry you did not get the job with GSK and hate to ask you for more info on the presentation practical at the AC, especially 2 years down the line. However apart from your post there is absolutely nothing on GSK AC and I have been invited to one in a couple of weeks so if you could just provide me with the theme of the presentation, was it individual or group, were you allowed to use aids, where there Q&A afterwards etc.

Thanks in anticipation.


Anyone have a Finance AC coming up? Any advice on the process will be very appreciated. What tests would they ask us to do?