Bupa Finance Graduate Programme 2011


I have a telephone interview with Bupa for their Finance Graduate Programme scheduled for next week and was wondering if anybody had already had theirs. Thanks.


hey psa050

Do you have a contact number for their recruitment team please?

been trying to get in touch with them but they dont answer their emails

Thank you


hi psa050,
how did you get on with your telephone interview? i’ve been invited to the assessment centre and just wondered if anyone had been and knew how many others are there and/or what its like?


Hi elo773,
I thought the interview went fine and they had to inform me of the outcome by last Friday, but they never did. I will call them later today.
When did you hear from them about the assessment centre?


I had my interview on Friday 19/Nov and they told me that they would email me if i had been unsuccessful and telephone me if I had been successful, but I received an email inviting me to the assessment centre on Tuesday 23/Nov. I wouldn’t worry that you haven’t heard yet, one of their assessment centres was on Friday (26/Nov) so maybe they’re just running behind because of that.
Good Luck! Let me know how you get on


When is the assessment centre you were invited to? When I had the interview they said the next one would be at the end of Nov or beginning of Dec but didn’t have the exact date then.


Bit late in the day lol but does anyone have any idea what the format or the content the case study is going to be based on in the assessment day? Just looked on the website and all the info there is on the ac is in really general terms!


Ive been invited to the AC on the 6th December. Did you hear back from them yet psa050?


Unfortunately, not! I called but they said they hadn’t reached a decision yet. Since the AC is on Monday, I will call them up again on Tuesday. But I’ve already lost all hope :smiley:
Good luck at AC elo773!



what was involved in the telephone interview?

just competencies??


My interview involved the regular questions about Bupa:

Why Bupa?
Why Finance at Bupa?
What are the biggest challenges Bupa faces globally?

And the only competency question I was asked was:

Name a time when you delivered exceptional customer service. Why was it exceptional?

My interview was about 15-20 minutes.

Hope that helps.


thanks ive got it next week!


hi thanks for the info - just preparing my answers - what did you say for global challenges?


I didn’t have much prepared for global challenges, so I spoke about the proposed changes to the NHS here in the UK (the white paper), mentioned a little about the healthcare reform in the US and about the budget cuts all over. I also spoke a little about the new cancer coverage the NHS offers and how Bupa offers the same thing. So it may be good for them to reconsider this policy. That’s pretty much what I had.

I prepared by looking at their research on the website and some news from the FT. Good luck.


Hey all, have an AC coming up towards the end of Jan. Can anyone offer some adivce on how I can prep? My first AC so would really appreciate any help


anyone had an assessment centre yet? any info?



Just had my phone interview with Bupa, these are the questions I got asked.

Why Bupa?
Why the finance scheme at Bupa?
What challenges do Bupa face?

What research have you done into Bupa? How do you keep up to date with Bupa?
What do Bupa do? How does Bupa differentiate itself from others?
How does Bupa operate as a business?
As Bupa has no shareholders how does this impact on the business?
What are Bupa’s values?

What are the challenges involved for me in moving abroad for work purposes?
What challenges and opportunities do Bupa have in these different countries?
How does Bupa’s customer service differ from country to country?
Who are the main customers of Bupa?

1 competency question

When have I worked in a group project to achieve something?

Hope this helps.


I am applying for 2013 finance grad scheme, could someone explain this question a bit better to me please?

Please give an example of when you have taken ownership to make something happen and achieved a great result. (max 100 words)


Hi all,

Has anyone had an assessment centre for the finance scheme recently? what was the interview like?



Hey all…I have my BUPA telephone interview this week…has any one had theirs already…if so please could you shed some light on the questions asked please :slight_smile: