BT Telephone Interview!


Hey everyone, I was wondering, if anyone has ever had a telephone interview with BT! I have one coming up tomorrow and I needed to know if anyone whos done it before can clue me up as to the type of competency based questions they may ask!


Hey man,

I’ve got the very same interview coming up shortly - do you have any advice or questions to prep for?


Recommend you both check out [[telephone interview]] and [[common interview questions]]!


Hey Red,

I’m reasonable well versed in Telephone interviews generally, I’ve had loads now :S. I was curious is BT had any specific questions that I could revise for.


Hey guys, got a message off Redsuperted recommending I give you the benefit of my BT assessment experience. The bastards didn’t take me on at the assessment centre, but their scheme is fantastic - one the best ones out there.

The telephone interview I had with them was relatively simple, if I recall correctly. One question I definitely remember was a customer orientated one - so have that at the ready. I think it was around a challenging customer and how you went the ‘extra mile’.

The second was, (I think! My phone int was in November last year!) on innovation and a creative idea I had produced and the challenges around this.

The third, again I think, was around collaboration and effective teamwork - how you successfully contributed towards a team’s objective, what you would change next time etc.

If you have something robust for those questions, and have the following as a backup you’ll be fine:

Example of leadership
Example of time restricted challenge
Example of being results driven and analysing information to draw rational conclusions

I have compiled some decent examples and written in bullet format some responses for the above questions - each and every time I have a phone interview I just bring it on screen and adapt each one slightly to fit the specific question - never failed me yet. Just make sure you don’t read it word for word, and you don’t read too fast. Take pauses to allow them to catch up typing your response and it also gives the impression that you’re thinking about what to articulate next.

I hope this helps - if anyone would like anymore information, or on the assessment centre give me a shout. I attended the very first assessment centre for the 2009 intake. Do be warned also… if you pass the telephone interview, it doesn’t guarantee you a place at the assessment centre! You have to get selected after that by a BT line manager.



Hey man,

Ah great I appreciate that! I try and do somethign similar. Build up a list of questions for each interview I do… Now i’ve got an pretty big collection of scripting answers…

Still, I need to get a few you mentioned. Thanks a lot. Where did you end up in the end?


Nowhere yet TeamMCS! I’ve had 3 ACs and got knocked back from all of them so far, don’t know where I’m going wrong. Got HMRC AC next week, so fingers crossed. It’s tough at the moment man. Give me a shout if you need anything more pal


Sorry to hear that mate. I’ve got to the last 5 at a full time job at Microsoft - sadly they nailed me on the fact my degree didn’t tally up with the requirements!

Things are looking good for another AC I went too. they want me for a final interview… fingers crossed man, good luck


Dave1984 - I have the BT AC next Wednesday. Any chance you could give some hints as to what to expect other than what they have already told me?



ANy inputs on BT assessment centre for fast track leadership?


Guys, any more info on BT’s telephone interview? Pls post more competency based questions etc…



Passed tel interview…AC next tuesday (20th)…



Guys I have my BT AC on 20 of july if anyone can be kind enough to help with that…what the day is like and the kind of questions they ask etc…!!!


Again…isn’t that date already gone? Unless u messed ur calendar n set it back 1 month…in which case I’d die laughing!!


The date is 20 Aug for AC thanx again cyborg for the correction…:slight_smile:


@riqs - Best wishes for the interview. Any tips for the 3 questions on the application? How detailed were you?


I have an assessment center coming up on Sep 23rd. It will be great if you all share your experience.


@Surmai - best of luck for the AC. I have the interview tomorrow, any tips?


Hey Surmai,

How did the AC go?
I have one coming up soon also and just found this page… any tips much appreciated.
Sorry to see you didnt get a response on this page yourself.



Hi Prodigycalvin, Seems like you have attended the AC for fast track leadership in June. ANy inputs on BT assessment centre for fast track leadership will be highly appreciated…