BT Technology Grad Programme 2013


Hi guys,

I have completed the BT technology grad test for 2013 and just awaiting being called up for the telephone interview.7
I applied for the network and systems engineering position.
I will be pleased if anyone who has done the interview this year can help with questions.
Thank you!



@bugmenot the tests are not hard.
They involve logic gates and you are given practice examples so you can get a hang of them before you start the real tests. Good luck.


hi people,

I’m just wondering if anyone has passed their Skype interview and has been invited to the assessment center for the technology graduate scheme 2013?



had my assessment center on the 9th of November. What stream are you going for?


@lexi Hi every body , I am having telephon interview on BT networking engineering any advice on what kind of questions they ask on the interview.


@fadiga. They asked about BT. Their businesses and what they are doing now. Network components and terminology.



thanks… I am going for the software engineering stream, what stream are you on? and what was your assessment day like? did you come up against any tough tests?


@fadiga. They’ll also ask you basic technical questions, and also competency based questions with regards to BT’s values…like an example of a time you’ve shown leadership, team working…


@krowdrah I’m on the network engineering stream. Assessment day was laid back. HR and interviewers were very friendly. Each person had different timetables. Mine started with my technical interview. I was asked networking related questions based on my cv. Next was my presentation. We were given a topic to present a week before. Mine was superfast broadband. Next was a role play. Finally was the group work. I wouldn’t say anything was tough.


@temmyn01 thanks temmyn01 I can say a lot about the network components and terminology, do u have some more ideas about the business and what they doing now. or any link u can recommend me.


@fadiga The BT website has information about their businesses, products and services and innovate and design. That’s the area we’re going into.


Hi Lexi-Flexi
Can you please explain about the online tests you had? was it from SHL, Kennexa, etc. I really appreciate. Thanks


the tests are not nummerical ones but logical. You will have some matrixes with numbers an letters and have to find the pattern that relates them and another one is somethnig with operatos…(inputs/outpouts)


Guys, did anyone had the skype (1st)interview?
What is it about? competency or also technical ?
could someone write some questions?



Ah I see! know they say it’s a technical interview at the assessment center but is there also gonna be like competency based questions too? just so I can also prepare for those…and also will there be a psychometric test at the assessment center? Thanks!


@krowdrah no competency questions or at least there wasn’t in my case. No psychometric tests. The technical interview will be questions relating to the role you have applied for. When is your assessment day?



The first interview is pretty straightforward and easy (if you practice!)…they ask questions based on your CV, questions about your interest in BT and technology (depending on the role you’re applying for), and basic technical and competency based questions like;
an example of a time where you used technology to improve a process?
Why you chose your uni?
Why you chose the course you studied in uni?
Why do you wanna work for BT?


Thanks Malcolm,
Any idea how many Qs and how much do we have. Thanks in advance. Are there any other tests other than the two types you mentioned. :slight_smile:



I haven’t heard off them regarding the date of my assessment day, They notified me that I passed the skype interview and will be contacting me soon to let me know when i’ll be booked in for an assessment day, so i’m just starting to prepare myself for it now.

I got another question tho, what type of questions did they ask you in the presentation on ‘super fast broadband’ task?


Just things he felt I hadn’t covered or explained fully. The questions were based on points I raised