BT Technology - Belfast (Field Engineering) Assessment Centre


Has anyone been invited for the 30th/31st January AC in Belfast for this position of Field Engineering?

Also, any more details about what the role will involve? I gave some vague responses in the telephone interview (passed nevertheless), but would like to know more about what we are supposed to do given this job! I didn’t save the description and cannot find it anywhere…


Hello Celixx,
I have been invited to the AC on 30th/31st January AC in Belfast for the Field Engineering role?. I have the job description if you want I can get it across via pm. What other information do you have or need?


That’ll be helpful :slight_smile: Thanks! Currently researching BT thoroughly and preparing the presentation, ah!


Are u working on Future of BT ? What email address should I send it to?


Yep, letting my imagination run wild :smiley:
Can you send it via private message through here? Please and thanksssss


I have just sent you a mail, check your inbox mail. Do have information,Article or links on this topic that you can direct me to?. I will appreciate


Would you mind sending it to me aswell please? Good luck to you both =]


Hello Hawk
can you send me the job description and any other information you have, please?
that would be really helpful


does anyone here had AC on 24th of April or near that day?