BT Situational Judgement Test


Hello Everyone

Does anyone know the format of Situational Judgement Test of BT?
As in how many questions and and how much time.
I feel, 2.5 minutes per question is very good time for SJT questions.
Finally any tips/guidance?

Many Thanks



Although they don’t give detailed information, there is a link on BT’s website that tells you a little more about the SJT tests

This is a really helpful link to info on SJTs in general too: I don’t know if they all follow the same format, but I imagine they are quite similar as they are standardised to some extent.



I passed it today! I think it was something I was expecting. There were 9 scenarios, each had 5 options. Those 5 were to be ranked accordingly. In wasn’t not timed test, which was very helpful

And I received my result within a minute of finishing test, that was cool :slight_smile:


That’s great news - congratulations! :slight_smile: It’s cool you got the result back so quickly too.