BT graduate scheme 2011 weird email


Hello all,
New poster here hoping you can help me out!

has anyone else got an odd email from BT offering them the chance to ‘be considered’ for a ‘new Business Management graduate role’ in September even if they applied for something else? I’m pretty sure I wanted HR but can’t remember as I applied so long ago last year. This is the first reply I’ve had from them.

It doesn’t invite you to an assessment centre, or try to set up a telephone interview or anything… wtf?

And has anyone been on a 2011 round of ACs and know whether they separate them according to the role, or just group all applicants together?

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Hi lilly.kershaw

Yeah I received a similar email. I applied for business process improvement (I think) and I received an email stating that due to a change in business needs they want to offer me the opportunity in corporate sales.

There basically saying you have to go through the online test, phone interview (I’ve passed both as of yesterday) and assessment centre for a different role. I would get in touch with them and see if there still hiring for the position you went for. If its the same thing then they’re probably not recruiting in that area now.

Sales isn’t really my thing but I’m going to go through with it for the experience and see what comes of it.

Is your’s similar?


I haven’t had an offer to do the online testing and phone interview yet - they just asked if I wanted to be considered, so I replied in the affirmative. I’m not too bothered if they aren’t hiring in what I originally applied for, this looks interesting too and as you say it’s all experience.


Hi all,

I have received same email like this and they have changed my application to Business/Corporate Sales role and booked me for Phone interview too.



Hey all,

I received the same email the other day saying some more oppurtunities have come up for HR (the role I originally applied for) and could they reinstate my application. I’m not sure if this means I’ll definately get through to the next stage or they’re reinstating everyones applications that got rejected. Anyone else had this from HR?


Hello Guys,

I have a phone Interview coming up with BT… Any questions that u guys can post pls??

Thanks in advance


Hi Andy,

I have recently attended phone interview with BT which I have cleared and waiting for assessment centre now…

The questions they asked me were same as mentioned by hjmk007 (user) on 1 March 2011 - 1:45am in one of the Wikijob’s forms. Try this link
Also, the lady who took my interview was in hurry and most of the time she never let me finish and question but in last she did mentioned that I am welll prepared and she got all the information what she is looking for and hence i cleared my interview.

Also, she asked me few more questions apart from the one above such as from where have you done your research, how do you know bt and few more general questions…

Hope this helps.



Thanks DT, that’ll be really handy if I can get past the numerical testing stage - got to do that today!


Hi, I got the HR email too. Heard back after the deadline last week saying they’d be in touch shortly with an update on my application. Haven’t heard back yet


Many thanks d_t… I am waiting for result on my telephone interview.

How long did it take for them to get back after the interview?



I cleared the telephone interview… I was invited for AC (1.5 weeks from now)… Any advice on how to ace the AC??

Thanks in Advance


I have been selected for the Assessment Center and needs to know, if someone can help me guiding about the day?

I have a brief idea of the exercises they usually take but not an insight.

What sort of Interview they take?..
What I will find in Group exercise?..
What I m gonna do in Role-play (which I dont really understand)?..
Case Study?
And so, Presentation? Will they give me a topic on the spur of the moment?

I will really appreciate if some one guides me a bit. And be ready to get a delicious dinner if I am successful :wink:



Hi RAMS-lion,

What actually happened for your graduate scheme in June? Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

Many thanks!