BT graduate programme



Has anyone applied the tech graduate programme of BT received the invitation of the AC?? I was told that I have passed the skype interview before Christmas. But I have not receive any info about the AC now. It has been over a month. I am a little worried. Anyone has the similar situation?? Thanks for any info!


Have you heard back from them now? It is possible no AC has come up yet for your stream, but I think you should call them to verify. I am also waiting to hear back from them



This forum was very helpful for my telephone interview preparation for BT and I cleared it fortunately. Now I am preparing for my Skype Interview. Could anyone please share some preparation tips for the Skype Interview?


Congratulations on reaching the final level of BT graduate programme!! All the best for the AC…, Could you please share some question to expect in the Skype Interview., ?

Appreciate your time !!


Hello Uman,
What stream are you going in for? I’m in the technology stream.
They asked the same questions as in the telephone interview but in addition:

  • Explain a complex technology in lay man terms

  • What do you know about BT (depending on the department you will fall into)

  • What is the SDLC

  • Competency questions were the same as before. It is the first two questions they added, everything else was the same except it was by another person so you had to say everything again. took about 30mins

All the best in your skype interview!


Hello Weza…,

Thanks for the reply !!! I am in the Technology Stream as well :slight_smile:

Oh tat sounds good…, I had my telephone interview on Feb 3 and got a call today confirming my skype interview on Wednesday. I am a bit worried as I have hardly 2 days. Anyways the interviewer was awesone in the telephone interview ., she made me very comfortable. Hope I get a similar person for Skype interview as well :slight_smile:

Will share the updates and thanks again for the wishes !!



They told me there was one AC for my stream on 18th Jan. That is why I am worried. I have not receive any info. from them. How about you? My stream is network operation.Could you tell me yours?



My interview was last year~So I cant remember exactly. What I remember is I have explain my research topic, I explain a complicated technology to them with the simple term. They will also ask some questions based on your CV or what you just answered. For example, I said I am familiar with network. They ask me to explain the difference between a switch and a router and describe the OSI layer. And you also need to prepare why BT? why the stream? your passion for the technology.

Good Luck! Can I ask what stream are you in?Software? network operation? network system? research?


I’m for the software stream. they said there are AC’s on Feb 16, Mar 1 and Mar 23


Hi Liur1984/weza ,

Good to see that you guys are active :slight_smile: I am also on the Software Engineering side!! So can I choose any technology to explain ?? Any suggestions !!!



Hi Liur1984/weza,

I had my skype interview last Wednesday. Didnt have a very good feeling about it :frowning: Anyway, how long does it take to hear from BT regarding the result of the skype interview? Though they did mention “within two weeks”, all the previous steps were pretty quick!



Hi Uman,

Sorry just getting back to you. Explain anything you are comfortable with. they just want to see you can break it down.

Hi Vidhya,

Hope for the best. In my case it was exactly two weeks! I had my interview on a tuesday and two weeks later on a tuesday again, I got the call to say I had passed the Skype interview but they weren’t sure if I was in the Assessment Centre yet. They said they’ll let me know as soon as possible. One week after that, also on a tuesday (yesterday), they called to ask if i was available on the 16th, but they still didn’t confirm if I had been through. Then an hour later at around 5pm yesterday, they confirmed I was through to the AC. I am for the Software stream though.

Looks like you guys will get first hand info on how the day goes for me!

All the best guys!


Thanks so much Weza! And all the best for your AC! :slight_smile:



They gave me the response the next day. Dont worry. I did not feel good for my telephone interview. I was interrupted several times cause I said too much and did not hit the point. But I passed anyway. Good luck!!


Hi UmaN,

I really do not think what you explain is important. What the most important is how you explain it. I applied for the network operation. The tech I explained to them is something of LTE, which is not related my postion at all. So choose the tech that you are familiar with and explain it very clearly. Good luck!!!


I applied for the BT technology graduate scheme a few weeks ago. I have now made it past the application stage and the online test stages. I have a telephone interview booked for tomorrow. The woman who called me from futureboardconsulting said I would be put forward for the software AC but I am more interested in the network and systems engineering programs.

I have two questions, how can I best prepare for my telephone interview and how technical will the questions be?



Hi Emkay,

They will ask some common competency questions like
why BT
why this stream
why to choose your course
what is BT’s competitors
what do you know about them
how do you think about the stream you applied for
how do you know about the Innovate & Design (I&D) part of BT

It is key you are enthusiastic and communicate in a clear and concise manner. Good luck!

Has anyone who applied the network and IT operation management are still in the interview stage?? Appreciate your sharing!!


Hi Weza/Liur1984,

Thanks for sharing the information.

Weza, Have you got ur AC dates confirmed yet ?


Thanks Vidhya!

Hi Uman,

AC date is on the 16th confirmed. They let me know exactly one week in advance.


my advice would be that you go ahead and change to the software engr scheme and if you find out you don’t like it, after six months, you can change within BT Innovate and Design. So don’t feel let down


Hi All,

Thanks Weza

I informed her and now she has changed me to the network and it systems engineering stream. I thought the assessments centres and the procedures might be different… plus I was dreading answering any questions around Java and programming in general.

I had my skype interview today. I think it went ok. I was told I would find out in 7 days. The interviewer had no technical understanding! I used cloud computing as the example of technology and explained the concept of SaaS in layman terms.

Key Technical question: What is the difference between a voice and data network?

Thank you
If I am successful, should I be expecting a similar date? Or does each stream with technology have different dates/locations?


Thats fantastic Weza… All the best for ur AC!!!