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I have been offered a place on a BT graduate programme in a BT office here in the UK a few days ago. I was thrilled but my results have come out today and unfortunately they come against me :frowning: I really thought I was getting a 2:1, but due to a subject, I have only been awarded a 2:2. Is there anything I can do does anyone know? Is there any discretion given on an individual basis, or should I just reject the offer and move on? Sigh I was told they were really impressed and all :frowning:


Dear this happens a lot. I have been in this kind of situation for three times but I never made myself stick to that same company I decided to move on. So its better for you too. Best of luck for your future job


It depends if they made an offer to you conditional of you gaining a 2.1. If they did, you might be in trouble, but if not you should be fine.

If they made you an offer they really like you. If you like this company, I’d stick tight. They might not even check your degree grade and if they do there are definitely times when companies make exceptions to their rules.

The bottom line is this company made you an offer because they want to hire you!


Thanks for that Ed. Well actually on their page and application materials, they also accept a 2.2 with a masters or a 2.2 with a certain UCAS limit. Then they go on to say that due to disability or exceptional circumstances they may accept different UCAS grades. So they seem pretty open actually and I do have the 2.2 at least.

I was told I would be idiotic to refuse the offer at all by other people!


If they have made you an offer then its not only depends upon your grades because on interview you show yourself not your grades. The real inspiration and most affective part is how you respond to their questions. Degree and grades matters but not everywhere. I suggest you to go on with this offer.


Hello guys,

I just got a call saying I passed my Skype interview for BT Graduate 2015 (Network Engineering-London) but I need to wait till the 2nd week of January 2015 to know if I’ve been shortlisted for the Assessment centre. I’m very positive about it so I will like to know of what to expect at the assessment centre.
I’d really appreciate comments.



Hey! I know this is a really old question. But did BT still give you the job even though you got a 2:2?