BT Business Management Graduate Programme 2014 - Telephonic Interview


Hello Guys !!!

I have created this forum for 2014 BT Business Management Graduate Programme…

I have a Telephonic Interview next week regarding Business Management programme 2014. May I request you to please help me out with the questions so that I can prepare well. I am confused that what they are actually looking for… So your help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

If you had an interview with different schemes please do share because I think the telephonic interview is same… If I am wrong please correct…

Looking forward to hear from you soon…

Many Thanks,


Hi Aneeq,
I am also applying for Business stream,
How was the numerical test?
Also how long did it take from submitting application and invitation to tests?
Thanks buddy


Has anyone heard back from a telephone interview?


Hey, I had my telephone interview on the 12th of Nov and still not heard back yet. When did you have yours?


I was told I was the one of the first person to have an interview and that was on the 12th of Nov. I haven’t heard back either. I called them last week and they said they will tell me the next day but they never did…


Oh ok, guess no one has heard back yet then! I’ll give them a call too this week but guess they are going to wait a while before replying about telephone interview


Had mine on the 18th, still haven’t heard back.


I had mine on the 8th Nov, and still not heard back! Feel a bit better that everyone is in the same position. I have phoned them and they said they will let me know soon by email.


I applied to the Technology (Software Development) role though? Anyway apply to Technology here?


For those who have been telephone interviewed, may I ask which stream you applied for?


I applied to Business Management Graduate Programme. Got an email today saying it will take them longer to answer back regarding telephone interview


Thanks, has anyone been telephone interviewed for the legal stream?


Just got an email saying I am being considered for the assessment centre…looks like a longer process then I estimated! Good luck to everyone!


Congrats! Good luck to you too.


Did you get an email saying you are being considered for the assessment centre or that you are being put on hold? I got an email saying I’m being put on hold!


My email said I will now be considered for a place at one of the final stage Assessment Centres. Wouldn’t look too much into that, looks like they are still finalising who to put through to the AC and taking their time about it. Not been given a date, so looks like I have yet to be selected for one too. Good luck :slight_smile:


HI guys! is there anyone that has applied to the network engineering stream and has not yet been contacted? i did my telephone interview on 13th Nov and i still haven’t heard from them. anyone in my shoes please. Also does anyone have a date for assessments yet? would be glad if anyone replies, cheers


Same here! I hate how they just build up the suspense like “whilst you are being considered to attend an Assessment Centre…” Fingers crossed they get back to us soon!


Hi guys,
I applied for the graduate technology (network engineering field) and have a telephone interview with a BT line manager this week.
I would really appreciate if someone could share his/her experience of the interview and the kind of questions you were asked.



just being told i am now in the same assessment suspense stage :(!