BT - Business Management Grad Programme - Telephone Interview



I have been scheduled to sit a telephone interview for the BT Business Management Grad Programme, and I was wondering if anybody could give an idea of the type of questions I can expect?

I have found some information on the BT telephone interviews for different schemes, but none for the Business Management programme.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I’m rather nervous! I’ve wanted on this programme for a long time now, and it’s the only application for a grad position that I have left open!



I have a telephone interview for the BT Business Management Grad Programme too on the 26th! I would be grateful if someone could give an idea about the questions!
By the way good luck on your interview!



Has any one had luck with the Assessment Centres. I have been waiting ages to be called up to one. Any info appreciated.


If you search online for some test papers you must get a clear picture of the type of questions that you can except. Your communication skills and telephone etiquette will be of utmost importance when it comes to telephonic interviews also be soft spoken during the interview, don’t be in a hurry take your time and answer the question properly.

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Hi MarkCampbell, I have also applied for the business Management Programme but for Asia Pacific region. We are still at the tele-interiview stage. I am waiting to be confirmed if I passed online test but I d really appreciate it if you can shed light on tele interview.
Can you remember which questions you have been asked? Please kindly elaborate


Hi, I got my tel interview next week for the BT business management programme, I really need some helps and information for this interview, how was your interview last time? Hope you pass and got your AC invitation, thank you very much.


Hello Guys !!!

I have a Telephonic Interview next week regarding Business Management programme 2014. May I request you to please help me out with the questions so that I can prepare well. I am confused that what they are actually looking for… So your help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to hear from you soon…

Many Thanks,


Hi Guys,

I didn’t hear anything !!! Please help me out I’m getting confused day by day …

Looking forward …



Hey guys,
has anyone been invited for the AC for technology graduate 2014?


Hey Grads, any news after the Skype interviews? Any assessment centre news yet or is it all till next year?