BT Assessment Centre


Hi! Just wondering if anybody had any experience with the BT assessment centres that they could share?



Some tips for you.

  1. Speak up!
    The scoring system at an assessment center is based on you showing us the behavior we’re looking for so, unless you say something, we can’t give you a good score. Make sure you speak up and get involved.
  2. It’s all about the why
    When you give your opinions make sure you let us (and – if it’s a group task – the people you’re with) know your reasons why. It’ll help us get a better understanding of who you are and will go a long way in winning over the other people in the group.
  3. Be a clock watcher
    Make sure you get everything done in the time you’re given. Part of what we’re looking to see if you can follow tasks and deliver on time. It’s something that’s important to our customers so we take it into consideration when we’re hiring people.
  4. Be you
    We’re not here to hire robots. We’re here to hire real people with personality and their own individual take on life. Don’t try and be what you think we want you to be, just be you.
  5. Don’t get distracted by the competition
    We want you to be at your best and if you’re distracted with trying to compete with other people you’ll stop showing us the best of yourself. Don’t let what others are doing throw you off track.
    If you have any questions write to me in profile or in direct. Thanks.