BT Assessment Centre 2012


Has anybody been to BT Assessment Centre 2012 yet? Could you share your experience? Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t think any have happened yet.
I have mine on the 21st-22nd November and I think that is possibly the first one.


I have my skype interview in two days time…can you please tell me what questions you were asked ??

would appreciate it…



Hey Punkuj…

Update us regarding your assessment center…



Hi Punkuj,

Please could you provide ANY feedback for your assessment centre? This would be MUCH appreciated! :slight_smile:

Many, many thanks.


Hi guys,
Sorry if this is a bit late but hopefully it will help someone.
I applied to the Software role in the Technology division.
My assessment centre was on 22nd November but BT get you in the night before to a hotel in Ipswich. The HR guy did a quick presentation on BT and then you have dinner with the other candidates and some current Grad guys. It’s a good ice breaker before the actual day.
You then stay at the hotel and get taxis to Adastral Park the next morning around 8.30 am
You get there and you will be given a timetable for the day, everyones will be different so I’ll just go in the order mine was in.

There are 4 assessments on the day:

  1. Group Exercise: I was in a group of 6. The task here is that you have about 20 minutes to individually come up with some cause or charity that you think deserves some money. You have around £1m that has been split into differeng amounts (£500k, £250k etc). You then have another 20-30 minutes to discuss as a group which cause should get the most money, which the least etc.

  2. Interview: This is roughly 1 hour interview with a Line Manager. They say its technical but I found it a cross between competency and technical. Basically they will ask your knowledge on topics such as the Software Life - Cycle and then want you to back it up with experience. Again what they ask depends on the role and division applied to. Also prepare some questions you want to ask as they set specific time for this (e,g, what sort of projects do you personally work on etc).

  3. Presentation: This is the presentation on a topic you should be told about at least a week in advance. Mine was Super-Fast Broadband. You have 10 minutes to present to a single person, and then they will ask you questions on the topic for another 10 minutes. This was probably the easiest part of the day.

  4. RolePlay: Here you have to simulate a meeting with a manager (or someone who is generally senior to you) where you have to convince them to follow an idea that you have put forward. You have 30 minutes to read through the data and case study and then 20 minutes to do the role play. Everyone said this is the most difficult task as the person playing the role of the manager will deliberately be awkward and resistant to everything you say. My topic was getting them to change resources from Phone support to Web support and it actually didn’t go too badly.

So as I said thats all based on the fact that I’m doing Technology, it’s going to be different for anyone else.

General tips are to relax, there’s nothing too hard on the day.
Talk to the grads that they have with you and build up relationships with your fellow candidates as this will reflect well on you later (and especially during the group exercise).

I heard back a day after the assessment centre with a job offer (so I must have done something right!) so if anyones got any questions, just ask.

Good Luck with your assessment centres.


Thank you so much for letting us know what the assessment centre was like for you - I have mine on the 6-7th December it is for HR so i know it will be slightly different to your day but I was wondering how much you had to speak about BT in your one to one interview?

Thanks again for all the tips.


Hi burgh123, I also recently applied to BT and I was just wondering how long it took them to get back to you after you submitted your initial application? I am still awaiting a reply. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi I applied at the end of September and got asked to do a numeracy test at the beginning of November. But I started hearing back much quicker after the Numeracy test stage.


jobseeker, what role did u apply for, i havent heard anything since submitting an application, have u been invited for numerical test yet?

and burgh, what role did u apply for?


citychick, I applied for the HR role.


Hi everyone!

Did anyone apply for the Sales and Marketing program? Anyone confirmed to be part of the Dec 8 AC? I had my final interview since last week but haven’t received any confirmation from them yet.


Hi aeris, I had my telephone interview last thursday and accepted my invitation to the AC on 7-8th December last Friday. I have been given all details for AC as well as my presentation topic. So I would say that if you’re going you would have heard by now as I have received updates about the AC from them everyday since last Friday.


Hi burgh123
The interview was slated as a technical interview so it was mostly that.
However I think the guy ended (or possibly started) with a set question of simply:
Why BT?
After I answered he then asked why the specific role in BT.
From then onwards it was all specific knowledge based on the role I applied to.
They may ask if you know how the current BT processes and roles/departments work etc but they don’t expect you to have any proper knowledge on this (I didn’t have much knowledge and it didn’t harm my results).


Also jobseeker & citychick
Don’t worry if they take a while to respond to your initial application.
I didn’t hear back for 6 weeks after submitting my application but after that they sped up the process with something new to do very week or so.
The HR guy at BT said they run AC’s till around March I think.


Hi guys,
I completed my online test and waiting for a reply. Could anyone say how long roughly they take to reply the outcome? And also will they intimate the time of telephone interview if I am got through the online test? Pls do reply. Will they mail the outcome?

Pls guys waiting for your reply.

Thank you


Hi Punkuj,

I have my assessment center on 14th December. I am bit nervous about the face face interview. Can you please elaborate about what kind of technical questions were asked in your interview?

Thanks and regards,


wow, one day after you get the offer. They are moving fast.


anselseenu, have u heard back from ur numerical test yet? and what position did u apply for?


Hi Punkuj,

Thank u so much for very detailed info abt AC n congrats!! I have mine in next week for Technology role. Just worried about interview part, did they ask any questions related to your programming skills, knowledge and experiences? thanks.