BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


I got mine on 20th Jan.


Hi I was just wondering if any body attended Assessment Centre in Nov and is still waiting for an outcome. I have not heard anything back since my assessment day on 26th Nov and future board keeps telling me that BT will call me.


A friend of mine is in the same situation. So he called the HR and he was told that all those candidates who are on hold, will either be put in the waiting list (if someone doesn’t accept the offer) or see if they are suitable for a different role. If nothing works, then they will send a rejection email when the recruitment cycle closes.
Still I would say don’t lose hope. Fingers crossed.


Anyone got invited for AC on 8th April, network engineering role


Yes I got too. Ipswich for you?


Yeah, Ipswich.


Unfortunately I am still waiting for Call. How long did you wait to be called for Ac. Been waiting since last year… :P-(. I got shortlisted last year right before Christmas.


how are you preparing for it?
See you there


Was shortlisted last year before december as well. Already gave up until i received their call. There should be another one coming up, just keep hopeful


Yeah. Where are you coming from? Should be in ipswich by monday.


london n you?




07902496927 thats my whatsapp no


That is so much hope… I have almost reached giving up stage… Let me stay hopeful that the call will come. You have no idea how much hope this gives me. Will definitely keep you posted once that call comes through. :slight_smile:


If anyone gets offer from the AC conducted on 8th April in Ipswich,kindly share


I am going to have a skype interview. Any tips?


Hello ,

Does anyone know if they have stopped AC. Any more calls going through for the invitation to AC?


Hello everyone, I applied the role of Network Engineering. I currently have an online interview provided by Sonru. Is there anyone who finished this stage can give me some hints and tips. What can I expect in this questions, is there any technical question or just motivation and competency based?


please help me guys.


Hi Big Bull, have you done your interview? If yes pls share some of the questions that were asked during the interview for those of us still waiting for interview. cheers