BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


Any updates I have still heard nothing


Its like the recruitment process is coming to a close.


no its not, a friend of mine still applied for network engineering yesterday, don’t give up.


Future board confirmed its still on when I called in yesterday but BT has been very slow.


is anyone else still waiting for AC result?


Ok but A.C dates have stopped coming through.


I am waiting… I attended on 12th March. When did you attend?


Same - 12th of March in Leavesden, still no results.


Unfortunately yes.


Hi, can you please share who called you to tell the results? BT or futureboard?


The call comes from BT. Once you attend the AC then the job of futureboard becomes over. The challenge is just that due to the number of applicants, BT’s responds are slow


Enol , did you get an offer ?


Perhaps they are basing the Ac calls on the locations we stated in our applications


Yes I did, for the Software engineering role. Got a call from BT like after 5 weeks






Has anyone got a BT contract yet?


Not yet, and it’s becoming annoying


I got a call today. They need few documents from me as they are sorting my paperwork.
So I think by mid April they’ll try to sort things out.


When did you guys get your offer? I got mine at the end of Feb.