BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


Hi, we probably wont hear anything until maybe the 28th. Good luck by the way.


did you get a call from HR or from your BT manager?


Anyone for network role being in an assessment center after 18th?


I have an assessment centre for 2nd of March in Adastral Park


Which stream please?


What stream please?


How was the experience and what stream did you apply to


Any assessment center response yet?


Network engineering


When did yu apply please, am yet to be recalled for assessment center.


Applied in December


Has anyone been invited for Assessment Center that is not in England? As in resides in another country? I applied in October 2015 and was shortlisted for AC in November 2015 however I have not been contacted for Ac except a few weeks back when I called to inquire and was told that I am still on the short list and that they would get back to me however I am still waiting. I see there people who applied in December and have been called for AC.

Anyone out there like me?


not yet… still waiting… have you received ANY communication from futureboard ?


Anyone having their accessment centre in Adastral park on 4th march?


When I attended an AC in December, there were two people who were not from England as they had completed their MSc and went back to their country.
When FutureBoard says you are shortlisted means that they will consider you right at the end. Right now they have people who performed better during the Skype Interview.
If anyone is selected, then they just ring you to invite to an AC straight away.

Stay in touch with Futureboard but at the same time start looking for other opportunities too. Don’t completely rely on BT.


none yet, still waiting.


1 week.


Does that mean you have waited only a week before you had your AC results? Lucky!

I have been waiting for 3,5 weeks now, still haven’t heard back, not sure what to think about that.


Hi everyone.I applied for research and was wondering what your Skype interview was like? Any advice? What kind of questions were asked?

Good luck to everyone!


fairly basic. by non-specialist futureboard employee. they were interested in understanding bt values and your relevant experience. expect some STAR competency questions.

it seems to be more about checking you are who you said you were and wont embarrass them when they forward you to bt.