BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


Anyone who is not in the UK who has been invited for AC? I am not in the UK and I have been waiting to be called for AC since November last year. Hoping for the call to come through soon.


Can you not contact them over the phone?.. That’s quite a lot of time! I recommend you to give them a ring and get them to call you back as soon as possible. I’m in the UK, however I waited 6 weeks to get the date of my AC… And that was just because I contacted them a few times over email or phone!
Hope you get feedback soon,



Okay, I’m coming down in the car.


For those who have got offers from BT,Has anyone received their contract yet?


I did contact them and each time they tell me that I am stil on the short list and they will get back o me as soon as I am scheduled for Assessment Center. The last I heard from them by en=mail was 15th February saying that they will let me know should they wish to call me for Assessment Center and have also noted the information that I am not in the UK. They also asked me to tell them how much time I needed to know in advance for travel and all.


Oh dear, that’s not good. Well carry on I guess. When I called them I did ask if they’d come back to me regardless of getting or not through the AC and they said ‘yes’. So don’t loose hope I guess. Another thing is that they’ve also said that BT is taking longer than expected as they have to go through all the applications and dates for AC in feb have been all booked!


Well that’s very encouraging. I will keep hanging on. I am believing for the best! I was also told that BT is taking longer than usual. Perhaps I will be one of the ones at the beginning of March… :slight_smile:


@Fe12, did you get called for AC?


They are too slow. I know two other people who have got an offer but still haven’t heard anything back.


They are too slow. I know two other people who have got an offer but still haven’t heard anything back.


Not yet mate.


Same here.


Hoping we hear from them soon .


Just a quick question: when was your AC and when did you get your offer?

I had my AC in Leavesden on the 12.02.15 for Business Management at Openreach, still waiting to hear back.

Anyone else in the same situation?



Hi Guys,

I know it very recent but anyone heard anything from the assessment center on the 18th?


Attended AC on 11th Feb. Got a rejection.
Good luck folkssss…


Did they give you any feedback ? And how was your overall experience in the AC?

Good luck for future


No they didn’t…They told me to call Futureboard and ask for one in some time.
my AC went well (I thought so) wasn;t expecting a rejection…anyway good luck…


I have attended for BT Group Security role. So far, I have completed the Skype interview and waiting to be called for the assessment centre. Futureboard everytime comes back with the response that BT hasn’t finalised yet. Still waiting with fingers crossed. Has anyone applied for Group Security ?


Has anyone applied to service delivery programme ?