BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


Any response yet from futureboard @ ramkrishnapatil1911


Any responses from future board @jovani687.


Are you still waiting.


Anyone got an offer?


I look forward to meeting you too. I’m Abdulazeem by the way.

Is Ipswich your Assessment Centre venue?


Yeah, my assessment centre will be in Ipswich. My name is Michael.


Hello :slight_smile:
I got invited for the assessment center at Ipswitch on 18th Feb as well. My name is Raisa. Good luck to all :slight_smile:


hello, congratulation :slight_smile:
I was wondering how many people will be there to assess the presentation? I have been invited to the AC on 18th feb.


No I have not received any. You? I heard that there is AC scheduled for 18th for network stream. I hop I get called for the next one.


I haven’t received too, I hope to get called for the next one too.


Ok I guess I’ll see you next week.

I plan to stay overnight at a B&B close to Adastral Park so I won’t be late.


Hello Raisa,

I look forward to meeting you!. I’m Abdulazeem :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Been reading this forum in regards of the AC and I was just wondering if any of you is been booked for the 25th Feb?

Also for those of you that have done it any recommendations?

Thanks a lot for your help

Ruby !


@ Ruby, have you been booked for an AC? if so when please.


Yes I have, yourself ? Mine will be next weds in Watford…

Just wondering who’s invited to the same AC! And some advice on the presentation bit so I can be prepared !!


no I haven’t, still waiting for the call. What stream please? you can get more information from posts.


Yeh just got a few answers from the forum but was hoping to get more detail as things may be diff depending on the date, etc. Erm I’m applying for hybrid analyst within the technology programme… Yourself? And when did you have your Skype interview? They took forever to come back to me…


I had my skype interview last year October, but was invited for Assessment center by December but unfortunately i had an exam on the same day and i was told i will be re-invited but now its taking forever. I am applying for network stream. Good luck to you and i hope i get my call soon too. Please keep the forum updated on your assessment center. when was your skype interview if i may ask?


i guess the assessment center tasks are always the same from the posts on this forum.


I guess it may change slightly depending on the stream you are applying to… I had the interview at the beginning of Jan, the only thing I’d say is to keep on calling future board… If you haven’t heard back, just chase them up so they know you are still interested