BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


Anyone booked for AC in Network Engineering Role this month???


I spoke to Future Board on Monday and I was told they are waiting for BT to communicate dates for AC and then they can schedule people. So I am waiting. May be someone was booked.


How many of you here are waiting for an invitation for AC? I am also waiting for an invitation for AC day.


Hello guys,
I was silently reading this discussion board and decided to write my experience which is obviously not pleasant at all!
I had my AC on 19th of November 2014. We were being told that we will get a decision within a week but i heard nothing till mid of December. Someone from BT called be and told that i have to wait till 16th of January to hear back from them (They already did refuse people within 4 to 5 days after the assessment centre ).
16th January passed and today is what? 6th feb?
nothing till now!
Have been calling back on that number but no one picks up!
BT Graduate team does not have a number where i can contact them and discuss!
I called futurreboard and all they told me was that they will escalate this with BT that i am still waiting to hear back wither a yes or a no!
I dont know what to call this unprofessionalism or something else!
I refused 2 job offers in the meantime thinking that i dont want to commit to another job and then say no if BT offers me the job!!!
This is it!


I understand you because I am in similar situation. Gave my assessment in middle of January and it has been just over three weeks (nowhere close to how long you have been waiting) and it is frustrating. They don’t even have the courtesy to just call and say you have been accepted or rejected and then give more info later. I am not even sure now if I want to start my career with this company anymore. I think they just put applications on hold or something until the final assessment centre. Anyway just to let you know you are not alone :slight_smile:


Same experience for me!!


when did you have your AC?
and any courtesy call to let you know about delay?


I got mine on 4th Dec, got a call mid Dec and ask to wait early Jan, still no updates


I had my AC on 16th Jan and no courtesy call.


I hope that this will encourage someone… but I read that someone waited forty days to get an answer and was given the job. So may be the longer they take is a good sign. I know for the rejections they take quite a very short time to communicate.

Again…i guess it differs. For me I am still waiting for AC. Got a call in Dec telling me they will call me early JAN BUT I am still waiting. :frowning:


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Hello guys!

I’ve been scheduled for my assessment centre on the 18th February (Network Engineer) at BT office in Ipswich.

Did anyone else get the call/email?

I wish us all the very best. See you next week!


Congratulations. Still waiting. … hope they call me soon. Please remember to tell us how it goes.


Did they get back to you?


Did anyone attended the AC on 11th February?
Will be great to get in touch.


Congratulations, did you get a call or an email?


I got a call first. Then an email later in the day.


which stream please?


Network Engineer


I got the call from FutureBoard on Thursday saying I have passed the Skype interview and been invited to the assessment center on the 18th of February for Network Engineering.

I look forward to meeting my fellow candidates on the day. Good luck to you all.