BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


How many candidates they select every year for Graduate Programme? Any idea anyone???


Hello songcen.xu have you heard from BT since they put your application on hold till ? Am in the same fix and would want to know if they contacted you yet


Not yet now, still waiting


Hi there, you all applied for the network engineering stream? Did they send you the coding exercise to do before you go to the AC?


Coding is for software engineers.


Hey guys

Anyone got an offer from BT for 2015 start ?


I am still waiting…it has been 4 days :frowning: …How about you?


Yes, I have got an offer.
Don’t worry. they called me after 40 days to extend an offer. You might need to wait long now.
But good luck.


Did you guys hear anything from BT?


Awesome congrats!! 40 days :open_mouth: …Did you get a call from BT or futureboard?


Hello, I was shortlisted for AC last year after passing my Interview and I also received an email right before Christmas that I am still on short list and will be called. Has anyone who is not in the UK received the AC invitation for Network engineering? Does it matter if you are out of the UK?


No it doesn’t matter.We are both on thesame level and stage.Am also outside the U.K and am waiting to be fixed to an A.C.


Oh ok. Thats encouraging. I hope that the calls comes through soon. Best of Luck!


Congratulations… I am still waiting for invitation for AC. How was your AC experience. Care to share on questions and what to look out for?


Hi guys,

I’m in the UK but also awaiting my AC. I called Futureboard last week and was told my name is still in the shorlist and they will get back to me soon.

I wish you the best!


Same situation as well. Called futureboard and they said BT are still reviewing the ones they have done,so no green light yet to give us an update or fix the AC date. Let’s keep hopeful.


That is true. I had my assessment on 16th Jan and still haven’t recieved any decsion but this is for software engineering role. Seems very unprofessional of them.


This is to share my experience of BT AC with you all.
I had mine on 10th December and was offered a role on 20th January so if you are waiting for the decision after your AC, don’t lose hope soon. They can take more than a month to get back to you.

So there will be about 10-12 people in your AC and you all will be competing with yourself in the room. 4 different exercises will be there and each one of you will have a different order of these exercises.

  1. Presentation - You have to give a presentation on the topic related to the role you have applied for (you will be given the topic 4-5 days before your AC so that you can prepare). It will be a 10 minute presentation with 5 minutes Q&A. Try to take minimum number of printed slides with you. Its great to talk a lot so make sure your slides just have bullet points so that you are aware of what is coming next for you to talk about.
  2. Group Exercise - Each one of you in the room will have a different service/idea that BT wants to invest in and you have to make a collective decision about the service you will choose for investing. You will be assessed by 3 people so try to stay calm and make sure you keep an eye on the watch. No answer is right or wrong. They want to see how you work in a team so don’t argue or dominate any other person in your team.
  3. Interview - This will be more like your skype interview. Few minutes on your CV and then your basic interests and why have you chosen this role. Also if you have any prior experience of building a network (for network engineering role).
  4. Case Study - This is the easiest of all. You have to go through some information and give your recommendations. No prior practice is required for this one. In fact I had no idea that there will be a case study until the morning of my AC but it went really good. Just make sure you don’t waste too much time on irrelevant information. There is quite a lot to read so keep an eye on time. You will then have to go over the recommendations and discuss it with the assessor one-to-one.

If one exercise doesn’t go very well so don’t worry and don’t let that affect on your others. You can compensate with other exercise. There will also be a tour of Adastral Park where graduates will show you around. This won’t be assessed so feel free to ask any questions. Also, you will be provided with lunch, tea/coffee.

Lastly, it will be a long day so try and sleep properly the night before it.
Good luck!


Hi, which program you apply?


Hi, coding is it after skype interview for software engineering role ? I have had my skype interview and they said next stage is AC. I am bit wondering in here :stuck_out_tongue: Please reply