BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


No, not yet mate… what about you?


Same, still waiting


Hi, any updates for your AC?


Hi ,I had my ac on 10th dec 2014,has anyone had feedback from that AC


Have you had any feedback yet Pls ?


I got my feedback yesterday for the AC I had on the 4th. Unfortunately I didn’t get through :confused: What about you?


How did they told you? They said no or ask you to wait until Christmas?


They said they won’t make me an offer and to wait until Christmas just to have a proper feedback on my performance on the AC


Sorry.To hear about that mate.All the best for the future.


What I got is they asked me to wait to Christmas or early next month to give me a result. They didn’t say yes or no.


Fe12 ,have you got a response yet?


Fe12 ,have you got a response yet?


Sorry dear.Did they call or just sent an email?


None yet.Still waiting to be fixed to an A.C


Hello guys,

I just got a call saying I passed my Skype interview for BT Graduate 2015 (Network Engineering-London) but I need to wait till the 2nd week of January 2015 to know if I’ve been shortlisted for the Assessment centre. I’m very positive about it so I will like to know of what to expect at the assessment centre.
I’d really appreciate comments.



Nice one.


Hi all !!!

I have my skype interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed. If anyone applied for Network Engineering, can you please share your interview questions and how was the AC for the same?

I want to know that how much time does it take to get result of skype interview and then the AC test and its result.

Thank you in advance and a very happy and prosperous new year.


I hope you get this before your interview…

I was first asked about the information on my cv. Then I was asked why I’m interested in Network Engineering and BT.
technical qtns like what’s MPLS and differences between router and a switch.
Then what are the content of a network report.
Competency qtns like Is there a time where I have used technology to improve a process? How and what were the lessons learnt?



Hey @animasaun.abdulazeem, did u get invitation for AC or waiting for skype interview decision?

I had similar questions and my interview was fine…questions like network devices, MPLS, OSI model, my previous experiences…competency questions, why BT, why network engineering, why France, Why BE in EnTC, what have u done to update current system or network, were you successful, technology trends and how it will help BT and many more…interview duration 1hr…it was quiet like interacting session more than an interview…Looking forward for positive response.

I want to know that in what time I will have their decision. I had my interview today.


You should get a decision in 2 weeks @ramkrishnapatil1911.
I’m waiting for my AC date to be fixed. Was told I’ll be informed in the 2nd week of January.