BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


I finally got an AC for Network TSO, is there anyone who have been through it? Is there any technical question on the AC?


Hi that’s great, how long after your video interview did you get your invite?


Any news on the AC?


Hi… anyone got or done a video interview? for business management…can you please provide me with hints/tips…or inbox me? thanks


Hey, not sure if you did it yet. But its just the usual question so prepare normally. There is 2 minute timer to answer each question , meaning that you need to have enough to talk about and it allows you to take your time little bit. I am sorry I cant remenber the question specifically but most queston were compentency based with giving example (Look on Glassdoor, I think people do give out some questions. Apart from that its just the usual, why BT, why the chosen stream ad e.c.t.


thanks for the reply!!!
do you remember any of competency based questions? were there any team based? , problem solving? etc;


Sorry I cant remenber spcifically, but a quick google may help you, as I do remember that most the ones I found on the net actually came up.
I just recieved a email that I was not sucessful. MY feedback was (if it ould be of any help to you ) Although I showed a lot of interest in the company, I did not demonstrate enough interest and related my skills to the programme I applied for. So I advise you to try and link as much as possible of your competency base question into BT and the programme itself as much as possible. Good luck


did my a video interview a while ago…

it was awful lol! … id be surprised if i got through to the AC… have you got any other graduate jobs on going?


Anyone heard anything from BT GRAD video interview


Had a call from HR back with a good news and accepted offer, it has been a week - still waiting for a contract email. Anyone is in the same boat?


What role did you apply for? And when did you have the ac if you dont mind sharing I have one coming up on the 22nd


Applied for a Software Engineering Grad. Had my AC on the 7th of December in Ipswich, got a call on 13th saying I did very well and they are offering me position starting in September 2017 and that the email will follow at some point.


Congratulations on your offer! Would you be able to offer me any advice on the interview and presentation?


I can’t add anything that wasn’t previously mentioned here or on the Glassdoor. Same old. Interview - about what you know, where you see yourself in the company, teamwork etc. Presentation - I suspect you already been given the subject - you will be asked some questions about it in the end, be prepared as it would be a real event. Weirdly enough I was concerned about my presentation, but it was the easiest thing I did there - in my opinion of course. My advice to anyone applying - know as much as you can about the company and don’t hesitate to show that. They don’t expect you to be Ken Thompson or Linus Torvalds or some other programming God - its all about having and SHOWING enough potential and interest. Best of luck!


Hi, I have got an assessment centre coming up soon. can you please talk me through the process and what you gave your presentation on. Thank you


What scheme?
Did you receive feedback from your video interview and then how long after did you get told about an assessment centre


BT Graduate engineering Assessment center 2018
Hi all, I am just checking to find out if anyone has recently attended any BT assessment center in 2018, please kindly share your experience