BT 2016 Graduate Programme (Network Engineering)


Lets discuss.


Hi guys, I’ve got my Skype interview on Thursday the 13th… Is there anyone who can share his/her experience?
Thanks :slight_smile:


best of luck…pls let’s know of d outcome of ur interview


Mine got postponed.


Guy I had my Skype interview last Thursday, here the questions:
They asked quite standard questions: why BT? Which BT products do you know? Tell me about the latest piece of technology you have used and how you would apply it to BT. BT values, BT competitors, tell me about something (like a project) that you’ve done and you’re really proud of. About technical questions, I’ve switched my preference to research so the questions were like: if you have a new project how do you set your research? I think for Net engineer they ask question like the difference between router, switch and hub. Eventually, they asked me two competency questions: tell me about a difficult situation you successfully faced. tell me about a piece of technology you used to complete a project. It lasted about 1 hr fingers crossed! good luck with yours!


Thanks for sharing your experience and d questions asked during ur Skype interview this will go a long way in helping those of us yet to have our Skype interview. .you are a legend. .best of luck .pls keep us updated


Have had mine too.why BT?BT values, BT competitors, tell me about a project) that you’ve done and you’re really proud of. OSI Model.Latest technology Trends.Diff between a switch and router.Why networking?


Thanks for sharing…best of luck


Anyone attending an AC soon?


@adam.2099 and fe12, have u guys gotten the invite for AC, I had my Skype interview on 17th, I haven’t heard anything and they said two weeks


I had mine on that day too.I haven’t received any reply.Monday wld make it 2weeks.Are you in the U.K?


Thanks but no,I am not in the UK and they are already aware of that. Fingers crossed


Hey guys. Just got a call saying I passed my skype interview and inviting me for their AC next Wednesday. The questions were the same as fe12 and adam.2099 posted. They also ask about MPLS.
Anyone else been invited for an AC or already been to one?


Am on the shortlist.Are u in the U.K?


Yeah. In Aberdeen at the moment. U?



Invited for the AC on Wednesday. Looking forward to it.


Any one else proceeded to the AC for network engineering role?? If anyone had any AC experience with BT. Please share.





Hi guys! I had my AC last Thursday! The process was exactly how is described in other discussion I found on this Forum:
There were 4 sections (the order can differ between candidates): Group exercise (groups of 4 people): we were assigned a project each. After having read through our projects individually, we had to discuss which one of them we would choose. Study case: we had to prepare (individually) an A4-size report carrying out a SWOT analysis of a particular service provided by BT. We were given a mock email from our line manager containing information and data about the service. A 10 minute discussion with a manager followed the report. Line manager interview: cv based questions, questions about projects and interests, I know that for software engineer they asked about coding as well Presentation: they give you a presentation topic to prepare a few days before di assessment, it’s usually a broad topic such as technical trends, challenge in the next 5 years etc that you have then to discuss with a manager (with 10mins Q&A)
Good luck to everyone!! :slight_smile:


Hi, have you got information about your AC result yet?