BT 2015 Technology Graduate (Software Engineering)


Hello Guys,

There is no topic forum for 2015 software engineering so here it goes. Received a call today for assessment day in ipswich on the 16th Jan. Anyone else attending the same session?


Hi all.How did your A.C go?


Did you all get send the coding exercise? How did you find it?


I personally found the coding excercise a bit challenging but others in my group found it easy so it really depends on your experience in oop and data structures. However once I researched and learnt bit about data structures the problem became quite simple. You have one week so plenty of time to do research and solve the problem.


I found it quite easy but I am still waiting for my outcome. The entire assessment centre is organised by last year graduates and the way they presented themselves was quite unproffesional.
The day consisted of group excercise, interview, presentation, case study. Presentation is the easiest since you get a week to prepare for it. For case study it was about making a swot analysis based on a report, again the report was easy to understand and you will get 45 mins to go through 8-10 pages. I think for interview it depends on your assessor, my assessor didn’t really care about my coding excercise and just asked few questions about it and lots of competency based questions. I find this unfair since you can’t compare candidates fairly. In the interview you will be asked to come up with an algorithm based on the problem.


Thanks. Thats good.All the best.


Have you been to your assessment centre stage?


Not yet.Still expecting an e-mail from them for a confirmation of a date for the A.C.


Hi man when did you give your skype interview ?


Hi is the coding next stage of skype interview? I just passed my skype interview and they said to me next stage is AC, sooner will be in touch, but wondering whether it is coding or AC. Pls reply




They should send you coding exercise and then after you submit you will be shortlisted for AC.


Have you got your date for A.C.?




Hi guys,

I have a skype interview tomorrow, can anyone talk about what were your skype interview questions? I want to know what are the technical question going to be.

Thanks, and wish u all good luck in interview.


Anyone got AC invitation in Feb ?


Yes I’ve got one next weds! Yourself ?

They said o have to prepare a presentation that they’d send a week in advanced (meaning yesterday) and haven’t got anything yet from them… Anyone that’s done the AC before knows when you get the topic for your presentation by?



I received it exactly one week before. you might get it later today.


Thanks for information


I got my AC in 26th at Ipswich. Anyone same?