BT 2015 July Technology Graduate (Software Engineering/Research)


Hello Guys,

There is no topic forum for 2015 July software engineering/research so here it goes. Went to an assessment day in ipswich on the 2nd of July. Had three BT staff in a main meeting room with 7 other candidates for most part of the day. BT staff were very friendly and had friendly atmosphere with some office jokes going around. But we also gained good insight into BT’s business and job environment by listening and joining in with their conversation. HR was quite friendly, but suggested that we should smile at her when leaving if we wanted to be successful, so advice to anyone thinking of attending! Had interview with a BT manager called John over the coding, it was quite comfort to talk to him about some competency questions and I also did a presentation with him. Did a SWOT interview with another manager called Rob, he was quite serious at times, but I get the feeling he is a very friendly person outside the interview. This was confirmed by one of the BT staff during a lunch time discussion about office staffs. I heard that some candidates attending in Jan assessments had to wait 5 months for their offers, it’s only been a week now and the wait seems to be already quite long. The BT staff at the centre said it her only 1 day to get an email offer and another staff said it only took him 3 days, so anyone else feeling the pressure yet? This is a discussion forum to let off some steam whilst the long wait.


Thanks for this inormation.Good news for freshers.
National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC) invites application for the post of 20 Assistant Manager & Deputy Manager its offices located through the country. Apply before 18 July 2015.