BT 2015 Grad Scheme - Offeree Thread



Hi Folks

Anybody in Glasgow AC on 01 July 2015 got formal offer letter through email?


Hey, I’ve been there on the 1st as well.
Did u get any reply from BT?
I’m still waiting.


Hi Keiran, how was the application process like any tips. thanks


Hi, has anyone done a video interview for the 2017 intake? .

i got mine coming up soon! would appreciate some tips and hints


Got a call with an offer on 13th December - and I guess just like many others I will be waiting a long wait before getting an actual email?


Got an ac coming up can anyone shed some light on the interview?


Hi Moar, Congratulations. Please what questions where you asked during your interview?


Hi Co123, Congratulations for passing your interview. Kindly share your interview questions. Thank you


Hi lordteacup,
How did your interview go? Can you please share your interview questions.



How did this go? Do you remember what you were asked?