BT 2015 Grad Scheme - Offeree Thread



Am sorry I couldn’t answer your questions.
I will be having BT interview any moment from now, please kindly help me with some of the asked or likely ask questions and please how long does it takes the interviewer to call you after informing you of an interview?

Please, anyone that read this should help too

Thanks in advance.


Any updates on the contracts? Still waiting for mine…




I received an email containing the link to the offer letter which I’ve already accepted. that’s basically all, still waiting


Check your spam folder. For some reason, every single email I’ve had from BT has gone straight into there (including my offer letter and online forms).


I just received an email from an HR representative. She is asking the originals of my certificates to verify I have graduated. I am currently abroad and they don’t accept email attachments.


Any other non-UK graduates having the same issue?


No but best thing for you to do is pay some form of secure, tracked mail and insist they use an equivalent service on the way back. Then you might want to politely suggest that it would be fair that they cover the costs both ways as presumably it was their admin error that meant they didn’t see originals at Assessment Centre


Or just pay it yourself…


That’s what the HR lady suggested as well, thanks Keiran


Nothing as of yet. Just waiting to hear back from the HR.



I had similar case and I posted my degree to the HR and I will collect it once I’m there.
I guess you can just do the same.



Every time I pop on to TargetJobs it also looks like the deadline for BT Technology Graduate scheme has been extended by a month. It looks like May 31st now. Has that always been the case?


I think you should manage to get a good flat from 500 to 700 per month.


Even I noticed that, it keeps extending. I guess they have more places to fill.


Hell yeah, I am going to apply next week


I can’t find the group.Can you copy and paste the link


i cant paste the link (cause it gets deleted) but see if this helps

FACEBOOK dot COM forward slash GROUPS forward slash BTGrad2015


I have made a group for offer holder on FB

so if you have been offered a role on the Bt Grad 2015 program pls join the group.

its called BTGrad2015 (FACEBOOK dot COM forward slash GROUPS forward slash BTGrad2015) or BT Graduates 2015 (if you find it via open search)