BT 2015 Grad Scheme - Offeree Thread



I think most of the technology roles are still waiting for written confirmation. I feel the delay is cos BT is still recruiting for the technology roles.

The accommodation help would really be great. Like everyday I keep checking online for info about Ipswich and all I get are negetive remarks. Please what’s is it really like living there?


Ipswich is not a very happening place (as it is a small city). But if you live somewhere close to the station or marina, you will be fine. It is also known as the town center and has restaurants and Cineworld. So try find staying in areas that are just 10 min walk from here. The bus goes from the train station to the Adastral Park (so easy to commute if you don’t own a car). The other bus route is from Siloam Place. You can try this place. I used to live here - many people stay here who work in BT.
Also, London is 1 hour 15 minutes away from Ipswich. So if you are close to the train station, you can easily be in London in about an hour which is pretty cool.
Message me if you have any questions.


Hello Guys,

I am still waiting to be contacted by BT for the offer letter. Has anyone received any updates lately?




I am in the same position as you :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Shubham,

Yes, I got my online letter and stuff on Wednesday. Just in the process of getting everything scanned and sent etc.


Has anyone else noticed that 80% of this thread has disappeared? What’s up with that?!


Hi Keiran,

Did you call them or did they contact you?


It came via email. I didn’t contact them and ask or anything it just showed up :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s good news. I’m still expecting mine, just hoping it comes this week


I think they have now started sorting the paperwork. You will hear soon from them. Some of my documents were not with them so they called me on Thursday and asked me to bring them to the office.
I just came back from London after showing them my documents. So don’t worry, They will get in touch soon.


I think they’ve started processing the papers cos I recieved an email with a link to the offer.


Hi guys,

I applied quite late for the Business Management scheme and wondered whether anyone else has got an offer? I just had my Skype interview last week and am waiting to hear back but I’m starting to worry as a lot of you seem to either already attended the AC or have gotten offers.



I wouldn’t worry, a week is definitely not too long to be positive. However, futureboard were always super friendly with me so if you want an update just call them up


Yes. It says 72 messages but I only see a dozen.


I haven’t received it yet! What’s going on?!?


Thanks for the info. Was wondering what the price range for a one bedroom flat would be like in the marina.


Has anyone heard anything from BT at all? I got my initial phone call on 20th February and literally haven’t heard a thing since. I’m starting to worry slightly.


Same here, I haven’t heard from them in almost 2 months!


You don’t need to worry. I heard from them like 3 months after the initial call.


I don’t suppose anyone has a number to call about when I should be receiving email confirmation/contract? I’m leaving the country for a few months shortly and really want to get this all sorted before I go.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: